Gimme muh forum admin perms

You forgot to give them to me and Baldir.
Dooo Eeeet

No no no, it’s not “doooo eeeeet,” it’s “deeeew iiiit.”

do we even get perms?

giimmie my regular rank
what is regular rank actually

Ability to vote on applications? And the title.

Voting on apps is not admin restricted man, your vote just isint counted if yoh arent admin lol

We can already do it doe…

Eh I just want the title then. I also lack a staff feedback thread.

You probably already have it go to your account and see if you can change your ttile

Nope only you and Kerbin have the badge.

u mean ass qm disposaled the best clown after being bopped by cmo
u den let me out
then clown is rev and got revenge on cmo
no perms for you

There, gave you the badge. But yeah, perms are only given to fullmins.

Can I get a badge too