Ghost Players

How do I make antag golems shells appeal to you? I have some fun gimmicks I want to try with them, but I don’t know how to convince other players to play along.


Ngl half the time I don’t notice their existence.

Typically, people do not want to play as your xenobio slave. I’m unsure how, but you’d need to make it clear you want to do some degree of antaggery with them.

Make different golems than just the standard iron and such (or just faster/stronger varities). Cloth, plastic, and cardboard golems have unique abilities that are fun to use as a player.

Most golems are slow as balls and if I have learned anything over my time of suggesting things, being even slightly slow is an immediate dealbreaker for like 80% of players.

Make fast golems

Gold and cardboard golems both move faster.
Cloth golems resurrect automatically upon death

In my experience these are the three most fun to both play as and against. Cardboard golems can even make copies of themselves without your direct help.


Most players simply do not want to play golems to begin with. That’s just how it is. I’m one of the few players who will almost always take a golem shell if I see one.

I actually have a lot of experience with this because I have played a LOT of free golems. Trying to entice players to join me on lavaland is next to impossible, and thats not even having them slaved to me. Gold golems often get taken for the same reason diamond often gets taken. players like shiny. Bone golems are also often appealing because funny.
Unfortunately, they also always fuck off immediately, and then die in the lavaland wastes because they never had any intention of helping the free golem cause. So slaved golems are much less likely to be taken. Thats just how it is.

We did talk about one of the other reasons in game, but setting that aside, there is one more reason. round removal is less likely these days. the most frequent golem spawning rounds are rounds were silent antagonists RR people with no chance of recovery. Those people still want to play, and sometimes are willing to take ghost spawns to do so. This can result in larger ash walker camps, or more golems, or more sentient mobs. It also depends on what ghost spawners are already available. If someone has to choose between a slave golem in xenobio, or a free ashie/golem on lavaland, they pick the free one every time.

The most common deal breaker when deciding to play as a xenobiology monster is if the scientist has no use for you. Common mistake is that players spam a lot of xeno creatures, then make all of them sentient and tell them “Well I don’t know what to tell you guys, just go roam the station and don’t do any murdering”.

If ghosts notice that there is potential to have a fun time on a ghost spawn role, they will pick it.
A good example is with borgs, If the Ai becomes malf, suddenly positronic brains start being picked up more often.

I’d suggest coming up with something that would get the attention of ghosts and this would help you get the numbers in interested players (That will become your golems).


I usually prepare gentle greens so they can hopefully turn human.

Plays Roboticist
Just chillin’
Pre-make four shells
Three positronic brains light up simultaneously

I never see one

the above player has never been connected to the game for the end of a round.

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