Ghetto bionics and shit

Basically add ability to perform special surgeries on yourself, like installing shitty bionics that will be found in maint, bionics will leak acid, malfunction and shit, but also give you some advantages too

ye that acctualy a good idea

baseball bat arm implant

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the amount of unrobust sec who have fallen by my revolutionary baseball bat is one too many

Retractable vibroblade implant. Pops a sword out of your arm that deals 15 damage and has a 35% melee block chance.

Behind the combat implant reseach section, of course. Considering you can achieve almost the exact same thing with the surgical implant circular saw, minus block chance, this wouldn’t be too unbalanced.


would be nice to be able to make peg legs out of metal rods and duct tape

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Yeah, maybe.
vitun 20 raja

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or make makeshift eyes from carrots

What the fuck lmao. How far you will be able to see with those?

carrots = oculine aasgasgasgag

I just realised a thicc idea of growing organs with botany, this actually sounds kinda nice.

Yeah, I understood the initial thing before.

yeah why dont you make a thread bout it, would make you famous, maybe even admins would lift the ban

When it comes to ghetto surgery i usuallty kidnap some people to cut up… like the clown and i turn him into a cyborg with all the implants… Sad trombone implant is the most important