Ghastlys banned by Haliris

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
a few minutes ago
Round ID:

Ban Reason:
Do not grief. As tot without murderbone objective, made a death plague and undiscriminated hunted people. Totally NRP saylogs such as “no greentext for me” or “gg im dead”. You were already warned for a severe rule violation and told to read the rules. Wasn’t cooperative in the ticket, having the audacity to point fingers at their victims. This is a RP server, there are other communities centrered around pvp that will accomodate you better if that is what you wish to pursue in SS13.
Appeal Reason:
This admin seems to be out for blood because half the ban reasons are lies. I killed my target, the cmo who was deserving it and one officer. There was no death virus going around, I had an injector and infected my target, officers who tried to arrest me and the CMO. All other viruses were the morph. He also claims I wasnt cooperative in tickets like really, he came asking me what you want here, we have a converstation and then he is like “okay you dont want to answer it” and i am like “what are you even talking about” and then I answered the question when I rolled back and saw the question and answered that. During that he refuses to say anything at all in response for several minutes and bans me. What you mean with pointing fingers, there was an officer who WAS LRP markus whatever which I just pointed out and left it at that. I dont think saying GG is super lrp as he claims (even I say it irl) and the no greentext for me part was literally me being alone in a pod at round end.

Additional Information:
Not sure why the admin was this toxic and malicious towards me, constructing so much nonsense to get a ban reason. Is it normal for admins to lie this much for bee, its almost as bad as hippie

I’ll look at this tomorrow, you can’t expect leniency after being banned for 3 days for ick-ock and self antag shittery, and then acting exactly the same but this time by murderbonning.

Yet again refusal to be constructive. You can either try one last time to work this out, or you can make this personnal and pointless.

I am returning the same attitude you provided me, I am all open for a constructive discussion if you show basic decency towards me. I am sorry for being rude, I shouldn’t have lashed out

I want to start by saying I’m not an admin, just looking to help move the appeal forward with relevant question. I probably won’t reply to your answers, but it will give @Haliris more to work with when they’re back tomorrow.

You say half of the ban reason is lies so I’m going to focus on breaking it down into pieces.

Did you have a murderbone objective?

How many players did you attack and why did you attack them?

Did you make and/or release a virus? What were the symptoms you remember if so?

Did you break character and say these things, or anything similar to this?

I don’t need to ask about this one, it’s publicly visible you were warned, unless you would claim ban is fake or that you weren’t told anything before receiving it.

Were the players you killed actively threatening you or otherwise posing a threat to you?

Did they just catch whatever disease was present because they were being dumb and running into infected areas?

Some follow-up questions that may help as well:

What is the purpose of an antagonist on Beestation and how do you approach playing as one?

What does “role-playing” mean to you, and by extension what is the purpose of a role-playing server in SS13?

  1. I didnt have a murderbone objective. I attacked 2 officers and the CMO in total. Officers were trying to arrest me and CMO was hostile and trying to cure the disease. The only one you could say didnt chase after me was the cmo who I killed in viro though I didnt actively seek him. I made the virus, it had negative transmission and it gave them radiation.
  2. The round was already over, at that point only ghosts could possibly see me so I dont really see that as a character break.
  3. The officer was chasing after me with a laser and never said anything to me so fair to say yes

Why did you make a second account here?

Because I instantly lost access to the other one (password management is not my strong suit kayyyy)

I heard the morph IIRC saying they spread a virus. Also there was no deadly virus around, people were not infected

There was a point before the morph spawned and started throwing viruses around where we had Captain, an officer and some folks dying to radiation on and short of breath(which matches the virus they had on the hypospray), eventually me and the CMO got injected by it and got it too

The virus had a high stealth treshold so it wasn’t showing on the HUD but people were infected

The only people outside sec that I infected was the cmo, captain and my target. The only way more people could have been infected is if they somehow drank or consumed their blood?

Ok so I misread the virus as having enough transmission to spread on its own, that’s on me.

Regardless, you really got the ban due to the way you totally disregarded the previous warning you were issued, we can’t talk to players who just aren’t interested in roleplaying or can’t be bothered to read the main rules.

You were acting like a griefer, you have a very long way to go before you can start judging others. I mean, come on, you were spreading around a lethal disease that had 14 resistance and 7 stealth, all the while, this was your level of speech:

Line   526: [2023-08-04 22:58:11.777] SAY: Ghastlys/(Maddox Kellogg) "you  prolly" (Medbay Central (155, 95, 2))
Line  1517: [2023-08-04 23:07:22.163] SAY: Ghastlys/(Maddox Kellogg) "gg I am fucked" (Starboard Bow Maintenance (172, 158, 2))
	Line 11620: [2023-08-05 00:19:52.930] SAY: Ghastlys/(Maddox Kellogg) "well no greentext for me since clown been hiding" (Arrival Shuttle Hallway (37, 152, 2))

Bonus ones that aren't technically ick-ock, but still deplorable (CMO metagaming the virus and trying to stop the griefer viro??!):


Line  8904: [2023-08-05 00:01:20.994] OOC: Ghastlys/(Maddox Kellogg) (LOOC) "cmo players never can resist valid hunting can they" (Aft Maintenance (146, 101, 2))
	Line 10873: [2023-08-05 00:14:29.614] OOC: Ghastlys/(Maddox Kellogg) (LOOC) "also metaing the virus really" (Virology (148, 91, 2))

Seriously, if what you like in SS13 is doing PVP to then flaming the opponents when they act as expected, play somewhere else.

You were acting like an evader we had dealt with recently, that’s how subpar your behaviour was, because I don’t expect someone banned for 3 days and told to read the rules to then immediately start saying shit like:

You wouldn’t have been “confused” as to why had I bwoinked had you actually read the rules, and were willing to RP/contribute on this server.

The round ends when the end of the round screen comes up, that’s it, your opinion is irrelevant, put in some efforts into showing good faith before you try arguing.

I’m giving a 1 week ban for the character breaks and ick-ock, I’ll edit the ban reason to properly reflect what the issue was here.

Needless to say, there won’t be a third warning, I highly suggest you do not play here if you can’t be bothered with roleplaying a character.

I’m not even gonna give you pointers on RP and character building, because we aren’t at that stage yet. You have one week to decide, either roleplaying in SS13 is fun to you and you wanna try it on Bee, or you want to spend your time doing something else.

Appeal accepted.