Get rid of diseases

Diseases are one of the most annoying obstacles in the game. They just get in the way and incapacitate you to the point where your whole round is ruined. Who honestly thinks its fun to battle a disease that just slows your movements and fucks up your body. Its just a hassle.

learn ghetto chemistry. it’s satisfying to be able to save yourself while everyone else is dying horribly and all you had to do was grind up some random shit on the station.

Also it’s hilarious to make diseases called ‘Progressivism’ that turns the crew black and gives them brain damage

Imagine not isolating yourself from the crew ingame just like everyone that plays funni spessman game does in real life

I ded, please remove

Remove diseases ?
Why ? diseases are the most op healing shit ever you cant just ask them to coders to remove them or ill remove your disease that is called brain

Or, what you really meant to say:


Let’s remove content from the game for no reason yes.

I ded pls nerf

not knowing how to counter death virus in 3 easy steps

I mean not really. They’re pretty easy to cure but I just feel they’re so pointless and make gameplay more slow than it already is.

It’s fun for virologists - don’t take it away from them

when i make diseases they kill people and when they don’t people cure them. as in if i make a deadly disease nobody cures it, but if i make a useful disease it gets cured the moment someone gets it, because you stealth the bad, but not the good.

Mfw they nerf sep chems so that it doesn’t even work anymore in accordance to the fact it is based and keep adding even more based shit to viro which makes it even more deadly, OP and unbased than botnis
Fix sep chems you fucking blackies

bitch i never wanted it to be nerfed like it was i agree with you there.

in fact, ill take a look at it right bloody now and see if my smallbrain can find whats wrong with it

god dammit you cant be fucking serious. this should be really easy to fix, actually

It’s been broken, for literally 4 months

yeah i’ve pestered qwert about it. i THINK i fixed it by putting a timer on the Squash proc if the plant has separated chems so it doesnt just spill as soon as it squashes