Gerald Biggs player report

CKEY: joelogbybolb

Offender’s CKEY: Gerald Biggs

Offender’s In-Game Name: Eats-The-Crew

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-9-16

Round Number: 45859

Rules Broken: Do not powergame

Incident Description: As a cargo technician, had a stun baton, a flash and a throwing star in their bag. Used them wordlessly to flee a contractor who hadn’t attacked them yet (but pulled out the baton).

Additional Information: According to the discord, the previous round they were using syndie cards to hunt people as detective.

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In the same round he barged into the shuttle command and resisted all verbal and physical means of getting him out because he wanted to tell everyone that EPS was a syndicate.

In the round before this I believe he was playing detective and I was told that he was throwing syndicate cards at people.

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You seem to leave alot out, You kept trying to get me to go with you, and pulled out a contractor baton, I fled from you and you chased me and to stop you from chasing I throwing star’d you and ran off, I ran south to medbay then because I don’t know radstation maints I ran back up past where you were in the middle so I flashed you because you two outnumbered me, You were including EPS in all your chat so I was to assume he was your ally, I ran back to the shuttle and then you chased me a second time and I ran in circles until I threw a baton at you and kept running. EPS had just in my mind tried to help a contractor kidnap me so yes I barged into cockpit to tell the only secoff he was a syndicate.

Also only seeing the additional: The chaplain tried to attack me when trying to engage the only criminal mainly because she beartrapped me and no other sec were on and captain didn’t seem to be engaging her at all. I’d like to add it was maybe one card?

I’d also like to add that while he said “wordlessly” I was just waiting for the shuttle as it had like 10 seconds to arrival and you were just aggro grabbing and dragging me off despite me obviously not wanting to go then you drew your contractor baton without word also? When the wordless dragging them to a secluded place doesnt work its just walk up next to them and baton? It just doesn’t make much sense to me.

This is untrue also, I remained their for maybe to be told once or twice leave to tell then left immediately after. I also stopped like four murders and was non lethally and properly escalating on the janitor antag in chat but it seems the mighty discord missed all that.

Yeah I actually even went back on logs for this I’m wordlessly baton’d when asking them what they just gave EPS cuz I saw him run away with a captains satchel and told sec he was a syndie. Both orders to get out came after the wordless attack from Scott.

No explanation for the equipment itself?


Can you please explain the IC motivation to commit a major crime (I.E one step down from capital) as a nonantag with any other motivation other than to tell on a valid? I cant seem to find any reason that I would dive under a police officers legs into a secure area, knowing I am committing a felony, just to tell on someone.

You were one of three people trespassing in the shuttle command, there was a verbal warning to leave, the logs will show it.

So, were you told to leave? or wordlessly batonned?


I already explained my IC reasoning, they had just tried to kidnap me and I wanted to inform the only officer, and it was Wordlessly baton’d then told to leave which I did, check logs on that one. I found the throwing star in maints, and the baton in the middle of station, went to sec to return them it was busted wide open with nobody in it, went to the shuttle.

Also are you just peanutposting as a mod or are you Scott Orion because it would make sense if so, the only reason you seem unwilling to admit that sec acted wrong would be that, they were calling shuttle and turning red to get the round over quicker BTW everyone was against it so I don’t think command had any real say on player conduct that round. Emboes Jackson was right there you called because of one syndie that didn’t even attack you.

At this point, with you posting what you think happened, it would be better to wait until the logs are checked to continue posting here.

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I’m fine with that, I had logs up anyway from my end I run to cockpit to get instantly stun baton’d multiple times then I tell them about the guy and leave as the first orders to leave are being issued so im good on that nonsense.