GeeseMother banned by Mark Suckerberg

CKEY: GeeseMother

Admin’s CKEY: Mark Suckerberg

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

**Ban Type: Server **

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 19-10-14

Round ID: 7983

Ban Reason: Max-capped waldo, killing many bystanders

Appeal Reason: I’ve been banned from this server for ages and understand what I did was quite bad. At the time I thought it was funny cause I didn’t understand the gamemode. I don’t even know if old Suckerberg is still an admin.

Additional Information: I have been doing lots of mental gymnastic in order to strengthen the mind. From what I remember this sever is funny so I would like to play on it again.

I think Mark is no longer an admin and it has been like 10 months so I’d give you a second chance, but please read rules few times and understand them, so you won’t be banned again for bad behaviour.

Edit: Also your ban date looks wrong, no way you were banned in 2014.

Rules for LRP:
Rules for MRP:

so the 19th month doesn’t raise any questions?

I come from Europe so I considered it as a 19th day like a normal person would.

Edit: I see, they switched dates from 2019-10-14 to 19-10-14.


Let’s wait for other admins opinion, then we may unban you.


I agree with giving them another chance, but please follow the rules from now on.

didn’t this dude get 192487912487 chances by 1748591724918 admins

Look at his bans:

Then look at his oldest ban.

guess i’m misremembering then

it is true I have had a bit of a dubious past on this server but if you remember how old bee was it makes sense

Will I be unbanned from both servers?

What you did was bad, but it’s been long enough that you’ve had time to think about it, and probably deserve a second chance. If you do something similar again, though, you probably will be banned summarily and not given another chance. (Is what I would say were I still an admin, which I am not.)

It has been several months since you did this… On our server.

Where else have you been playing and would there be any admins willing to vouch for your behavior having changed?

You’ve been banned on TG for similar and haven’t replied in nearly a month, bye.