Gavefov banned by ro5490

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Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
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Ban Reason:
R13, R7, R1 - As a Pirate Captain, went out of their way to gib and round remove people, then was incredibly toxic in deadchat after being taken down with a disabler. - Your job as an antagonist is to make the round more engaging and fun, rather than round-removing people in your way. Your say logs also show a large amount of LRP content. Please take this time to go over our rules and improve your RP standards. - This has been upgraded to a permaban due to leaving mid-ticket, feel free to explain yourself on the forums.
Appeal Reason:
I talked with the admin, I answered everything. He told me to not do it again, I waited SEVERAL minutes and an admin hits the round end button so I decide to leave, only to come back banned and him claiming “I left mid ticket”. I did not intend to. Granted I believe this to be non sense fromt he get go. I engaged sec who was rushing me with lethals, I was cut off and swarmed from all sides. Next time I will just be like a ghost and not interact with anyone since apparently thats the desired antag conduct…
Additional Information:

Round ID: 42299
Ban Date: 2023/01/17

You disconnected within less than 60 seconds after declaring it an odd ruling. I had not given the result of the adminhelp at this time and was in the middle of typing out an explanation for you.

Ignoring this, you went out of your way to round remove people, and in deadchat even mentioned how you should have gotten rid of the brains as well.

You also went out of your way to murder people, rather than focus on looting.
This is alongside telling a player they should have their skull kicked in for using a disabler.

If you can explain your actions, and give an acceptable general apology, I’ll consider making this a short ban instead.

Well I am pretty sure it was more than 60 seconds because during that time I got revived, uncuffed and escaped with a heretic and you deleted everyone but that is besides the point. I thought it was clear to leave at that point because of how the conversation went.

About the gibbing, I had killed the same person several times only for them to return a minute later (or was it several officers being revived? Sec moths all look the same) so to prevent it I decided to make it impossible. I thought pirates were allowed to murder however they want (e. g nukies) considering pirates are known for plunder, pillaging and being sadistic criminals (Its also how other code bases handle it) . I find it to be a weird dichotomy that an antag that can be shot on sight and round removed can’t do the same but I digress.

Now that I know that you are supposed to be more lenient towards the enemy instead of treating it like a TDM like xenos, blob etc I will strive to not do the same mistake again. I am sorry for my rudeness and making their round worse.

Please do not disconnect before a ticket has been closed and marked as Resolved, or IC, or Rejected. As most of the time the admin is either getting futher information, typing out a message, or prepping to close the ticket. No matter which is the case, leaving mid-ticket is always a perma-to-forums.

90% of antags arent meant to be shot on sight and round removed, space law dictates they should be arrested and if an execution or similar is needed then a trial must be held or the captain must approve.
If they are killed, they should be revived and detained, not round-removed.

Also, from the Escalation Policy wiki page-

Please keep that in mind for the future.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter, and I thank you for the apology.
As such, this ban is being reduced to a few days server, and a short antag ban after the server ban lifts.

Appeal Accepted
Server ban expires on 2023-01-21 18:29:34.
Antag ban expires on 2023-01-29 19:44:37.