GamerRoman Banned by SuperDork55

CKEY: GamerRoman

Admin’s CKEY: SuperDork55

Banned on Both Server

Ban Type: Global

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-05-13 16:23:33

Round ID: 15872

Ban Reason: “Matched a ban evading account of CKEY gtahook, came on as security and murdered a random assistant roundstart then proceeded to loot the amory and gun down 3 other including another sec officer in a hallway.”

Appeal Reason: Account got hijacked or something like that - already changed the password on my byond account

Additional Information: I played a couple rounds on the same and prior days and noticed that my appearance was changed on the last round I played, can do further talk in discord to validate my identity - people know me for being an unrobust CE player.

Round ID should be Round: 15872

Yeah I did a typo, thanks for that, I fixed it.

Under the current rulings, your account, your responsibility. There are also a lot of correlations between your forum account and the person playing on the account GamerRoman when the account got banned.

Well I had a account on here beforehand but it got deleted or I deactivated it. I was locked out of the game a couple times thinking the server were restarting so i had no suspicion.

Do I just make a new byond accout or what now?

After looking into this further, I am believing your story now to an extent.

The strange thing is that CKEY steal (or what you call this) happened yesterday, and i only started to play again a week ago since late last year.

I’m going to go ahead and lift the ban, any other altercations on this account will lead to a permanent ban if your account is found griefing again.

Remember, your account, your responsibility.