Gamer7338 Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Chiryn

Your Discord: chiryn#1521

Offender’s CKEY: Gamer7338

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unspeakable

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/22/2022

Round Number:40987

Rules Broken: 8, 7, possibly 2

Incident Description: Space Dragon comes on station, corpses start piling up in Medbay as a result. I was the CMO, W.O.O.P, handling the clown’s dead body that I rescued from science where the dragon was resided. Mime barges in, while we were knee deep in handling the dead. They steal some of the clown’s belongings, namely their backpack, and me and acting HOS tell them several times to back off and return their things, including me flashing them and dragging them out of medbay. They keep insisting, and at one point they throw a bluespace tomato at them, causing the clown’s body to teleport away mid surgery and as a result, they cannot be found anymore as they were naked with no suit sensors. This essentially led to a round removal from a petty fight they had previously (Check OOC logs from that round and round 40988, plenty to read there.)

Additional Information: Nothing. They got arrested on the shuttle and I threw in a couple punches as payback while they were cuffed.

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Did you check to see if the mime was an antag? He probably had the clown as a kill objective

Mime was not antag, and did not have me as a kill objective I believe. There was a botanist however who did have me as an objective and gibbed my corpse since it was teleported away and nobody knew where it was.

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Obviously. They weren’t an antagonist.

Hey hey, that was me, also kudos on your clownery! I was rude to you in the start because I didn’t want to get attached to ya, because syndicate is very lame if you like your coworkers, but I digest (mmm!). I also want to say I appreciate you just barely critting the mime who kept attacking you, and you also didn’t use any ghost knowledge to instantly pinpoint me as the true assassin, you are a true RP Wril!

On to the actual stuff: I was Arnold Schpookz, tator botanist, and I had to kill the clown, the clown was being dynamic, and drawing a lot of attention to himself, i knew it would be damn near impossible to get to him without anyone, namely the “queen”, noticing. So I noticed with my eye the mime was randomly picking a fight with the clown. The mime was shoving, the clown was shoving, traditional service fight, when the mime decided to be cool and smash his bottle of nothing over the clowns head. Clown bleeding, pointed at him with the finger gun, mime surrendered. But not quite, mime was pissed, everyone standing in medical could tell this was gonna escalate, and it did, mime kept trying to fuck up the clown fnr, clown kept trying to disengage, but mime kept trying to enlist other people (even me ironically) to help him murder the clown. That didn’t work, as we were just mildly bemused, so mime decides “fuck it, i’m gonna murder him myself” and starts stabbing him. Clown whoops mime’s ass into light crit, says “There, he’s in crit, it’s done” or something to that effect, mime is instantly healed. Mime then silently (hehe) makes yet another beeline for clown but this time I rear my ugly head and say “Hey, I grew some instant death tomatoes” to notioned to the defunct hydroponics, where I had grown some great ass bluespace tomatoes. The mime yoinks them instantly. During this period, the dragon showed up and murdered the clown, a few others, then got dead. They took the clown’s body to medbay, where the mime was going totally ham trying to get in… to steal the clown’s shit? Was that his main goal? Not 100% on that, but he gets drug out a few times, keeps goin, and decides to huck one of my BS Tomatoes at the clown, I see my opprotunity and drop a bomb on him, he’s cloned, all good. Later on in the shuttle I have one final bluespace tomato, the mime is sitting next to me, and I decide to throw it directly in front of the HoS at the cloneclown, Wasn’t 100% sure if clones counted as “assassinated”, so bop, he’s in space. They instantly notice I did it and arrest me, I start saying “no it wasn’t me” because like… nothing else I could really do, plus I was dead-to-rights as it was, but they also arrested the mime, who then…broke his vow to say “arnold didn’t do it”. But I did do it, so why say that?


I was the acting HoS and i can confirm that the mime was being an annoying ass-hat that kept interrupting the medical department. Kept trying to take the clown’s shit, then as was reported, they teleported the clown away with the BS tomato.

Isn’t this literally banbaiting? You enabled him to break the rules harder.

if he got cloned, he wasn’t round removed. Why do you say he got round removed?

IC it made perfect sense to take advantage of the mime’s random attacking of the clown to advance my own, sinister, goal. :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, forgot to mention, my optional goal was “spread as much dangerous contraband as you can to staff”, so uhh… double makes sense.


We love investigating silent character reports.

Anyways, it looks like a classic fun Mime and Clown rivalry gone sour.
Clown and mime had some non-harmful altrications for a while, with the last one before continuing with the story being Clown shoving and stealing Mime’s duffel bag and ID as a prank for a few moments before returning them.
Rivalry started off innocent enough, but at this point after 50 minutes of Clown’s deflecting robustness coming out on top, mime decided enough is enough, downed his bottle of nothing and smashed it on Clown’s head, going full postal.
Clown returned fire with his “hand”-gun, and out-robusted mime into crit with his own bottle.
Mime gets revived not 30 seconds later seeing as this took in medbay lobby.
In comes space dragon and carp(?) duo, cutting off Clown mid-sentence and making him a medbay client.
Mime then seeing clown on the surgery bed yoinked and tossed clown’s stuff about, taking some of it, and promptly being put on security’s radar by CMO for messing with their revival.
After being arrested broke vow to complain IC about it.

0/10 mime behaviour. Banned for 2 weeks from playing Mime.

report processed.