Gamer xenobio-megafauna-hunter report


Your Discord:Liver_DM

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name:Lucy Lacemaker

Server (Sage or Acacia):sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):01/08/2023

Round Number:45164

Rules Broken: No powergaming, Be excellent to each other.

Incident Description: Every round this player goes scientist, either begs for access to mining or breaks into mining, gets mining gear, uses xenobio to get gamer buffs, then acts like an assistant for the rest of the round, occasionally going to kill megafauna.

Additional Information:
She generally gives herself wings and speed potions to fly around the station and (in my experience) be not-excellent. ie this round she didn’t get the rights she asked for from the captain, so she tells him to go die. A previous round I distinctly remember her using an antag banana staff on random people in the halls, despite not being an antag herself.


you gotta give round IDs or those claims are basically worthless

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The banana staff from lavaland isn’t an antag item/contraband it’s just miner ruin loot

Technically, it falls under non Nanotrasen equipment. Same applies to the Heirophant staff actually.

I cannot tell you how many Seccies would and have lock away that slipy thing in contraband and never look back.


These should be seperate reports with round IDs.

As for the round being reported here: I don’t believe this necessarily violates R7, they weren’t really being toxic per sey, at least not to the point where it’s blatantly ooc. However, I also don’t think they’re really roleplaying a reasonable character - or much at all for that matter. Telling your boss that you hope he gets shot to death because they reasonably denied a request you made seems a tad bit excessive. That’s in addition to the rest of their say logs all being quite dull and matter of fact.

Report processed, but not for the rules mentioned in this report.