Gamer admining idea

Make it so sage and golden have to have a 1-1 ratio of admins to force memes to do their job

admemes stacking on sage to ban the assistant who said “lmao” once in a blatant case of roleplay breach whilst 10 grieffers maxcap/plasmaflood/murderbone


I see no admins on either server 24/7

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Make admin activity checks

This is utterly idiotic

Pls no. I like airlock crushing tiding felinids that go into armory.

not gonna lie tho, i like having only mateusz and viny as lrp admins ( and velvet from time to time ew), they are quite active and do their job just right imo

tbf i don’t want even more mrpers shoving their lousy rules and boring gameplay down lrper’s throats

Mat is fun as is Viny. Even though Viny doesnt talk much.


Our early shift interactions in a nutshell.


that man isnt me, he doesnt have insuls and AAxe combo

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