Gamemode / Antag Idea - Malpracice

Gamemode / Antag idea, malpractice - one person spawns as the antag (we will call him mad doc) , and must harvest special unique organs from 7 designated people (they will not know they have these organs until the doc tries to kill them) and use these organs to create a (game ending) Nightmarish abomination, which once assembled in an area of the docs choice (area must be 5x5 in order to discourage using maintenance for the most part) the creature will take 2-3 minutes to come to life, once it comes to life the round will end and it will seek the nearest living thing, and beeline for it, destroying anything in its path. In order to make the doctors life easier, he has access to multiple recipes to create minion creatures which are made with generic organs/limb combinations (arm+arm+heart, Leg+arm+head+heart, etc) each one having its own stats and powers. The creatures are made sentient by using a brain, which he can synthesize with a recipe or by stealing it from someone, if the brain is missing a soul it will be offered to ghosts. The creatures will have better stats if the organs and limbs (and brain) are fresher, and in better shape, than if damaged. In order to aid with preserving organs and limbs, the Mad Doc is given a small compact bag of surgical tools, a mini cooler, and a dart pistol and three special mute toxin and sleep toxin syringes, which work incredibly fast. To top off his tool selection he has a special tool that allows him to absorb blood pools for use in recipes, it can store a total of 100 units at a time.

RECIPES (because this is only a well written concept idea so far, these recipes are vulnerable to change)

Synthetic Brain : 10u of synthflesh OR 10u of blood

Sleepy Mute Toxin : 1 Liver + 1 Stomach + 20u blood = Two syringes worth

(Basic Abomination) Grubber : 1 arm + 1 leg + 5u blood
Has low health, medium speed and low attack damge (claws) but deals hefty stamina damage, has the ability to pickup organs and limbs and drag things, allowing it to gather bodies and organs for the mad doc

(Basic Abomination) Grunt : 1 arms + 2 legs + 20u blood
Has medium health, medium speed, medium attack damage, making it a much more offensive creature than the Grubber, they can grab things such as weapons as well but not use guns

(Basic Abomination) Maw : 1 tongue + 1 eyes + 1 leg + 20u blood
Has high health but low speed, and high attack damage (its basically a giant mouth with a leg), has a forward charge where it leaps forward, dealing extreme damage to anything 4 tiles infront of it

(Advanced Abomination) Reaper : 1 arm + 5 metal sheets + 2 legs + 1 lung + 50u blood
Medium health, speed, very high attack damage, basically a abomination with a large metal blade arm which rips apart limbs easily, able to create a cloud of smoke

(Advanced Abomination) Melter : 2 legs + 1 stomach + 1 tongue + 1 lung + 50u blood
Medium Health, low speed, has low melee damage but excels at ranged combat, able to spit globs of acid, which burn targets over time, and does high base damage

(Advanced Abomination) Lasher : 2 tongues + 1 eyes + 1 leg + 1 apendix + 50u blood
Medium Health, medium speed, has a long apendix/tongue whip with a 3 tile ranged melee attack which can grab, disarm, and trip people

(Advanced Abomination) Crusher : 10 metal sheets + 2 arms + 2 legs + 1 eyes + 50u blood
High Health, low speed, Dangerously high melee damage, excels at crushing walls and breaching doors, it has a 3x3 aoe slam (jam) attack where it pounds the ground, knocking anyone around it over and dealing medium damage

(Expert Abomination) Warrior : 1 torso + 2 arms + 2 legs + 1 tongue + 1 head + 100u blood
High Health, low speed, incredibly powerful melee damage, A large towering flesh warrior, weilding a torso as a shield (yeah no that torso isent for the warriors body), and a powerful head flail, the paladin of the offensive abominations, the torso shield will block almost all melee damage from whatever direction the warrior is facing, and it will absorb most ballistic ranged weapons (use energy weapons lol)

(Expert Abomination) Centapde : 3 appendix + 6 legs + 2 Arms + 1 eyes + 1 stomach + 100u blood
High Health, High Speed, Medium Melee With Long Damage Over Time, A horrific long centapede of human legs and flesh, with two human arms for pincers at the front, its speed and stringy form makes it hard to hit with anything other than melee, which is dangerous because of its ability to wrap around its target, immobilizing them and suffocating them

(Expert Abomination) Blaster : 1 energy gun + 2 pairs of eyes + 4 legs + 1 heart + 1 arm + 100u blood
Medium Health, Medium Speed, Low Melee, a four legged spiderish creature with laser eyes, which fire alternating disabler and lethal lasers, which auto recharge, making it a very deadly ranged combatant

(GAME END ABOMINTION) The Flesh : 7 Unique Organs + 5 Arms + 5 Legs + 3 Torsos + 2 Hearts + 3 stomachs + 2 appendix + 2 livers + 4 tongues + 300u blood (achieved by creating the creatures shell, and then injecting all 300u of blood to begin bringing it to life)
UNSTOPPABLE, A large mass of flesh, and arms and legs reaching out in agony, its cries reach the far corners of the station, telling anyone aboard they are (fucking) doomed, the creature once it comes to life will seek out the nearest living creature and destroy anything in its path to assimilate them into its mass, making it larger and stronger, it is not killable by the way. once the creature come to life, centcom will detect a class delta biological entity and begin countermeasures (sending death squad, ert, whatever the hell they can, even though the creature cant be killed) and after 1 minute of no results will nuke the entire station anti narsie style.

now lets see if this gets any attention…


this would only work if the antag had some kind of op moving ability like blood crawl otherwise he would be dead in 5 miliseconds.
Also shame its not coded already .4.

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the idea behind it is to rely on stealth early, while you amass an army of abominations, and eventually hunker down with your abominations and let them do all the work for you, while you keep creating them, thus the dart pistol is there to help kick off an early start to his abominations. although ill try to think up some kind of thing that fits the idea

im 100% convinced it wont work due to,

1 you having obv antag items like the blood pool sucker thing you mentioned making you easy to recognize if searched
2 two shotguns slugs crit you
3 cutting body to pieces takes time
4 once u make abomination maint hunt for you starts

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alright in that case, perhaps a tool that (only usable by the mad doc) allows him to become one with electrical flows, basically allowing him to travel via apc or any electrical wire, powered or not, giving him a easy movement tool

All mad doc needs is a surgery box starter item so that he can set up a lab in maints instead of using regular surgery or robo. Have it contain beacons that summon a stasis unit, operating computer, surgery bag and table.

This means that setting up your crazy lab in a good place is part of the strategy, and makes you way harder to catch.

As for getting away with it, it’s the same as any other antag. Pick your targets carefully. It’s not supposed to be easy. The electrical flow idea is op as fuck tbh.

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that honestly sounds perfect really, although the blood absorption tool should stay, and fit in boots and jackets so searching needs to be more thorough

There are enough ways to obtain blood as is, dont think youd need to collect blood with a self-valid tool.
I also disagree with the idea of synthetic brains, since it makes it hard to keep track of the amount of ghosts around.

On the topic of antags - WHEN VAMPIRES. Someone please start a separate thread.

why not use cult blood sucking beam spell, makes it easier to code since it exists

if we use a bit of reason your idea could be way more possible than you think.

1 Cult already has blood sucking system, which stores amount and u can spend it on things
2 Using reworked construct shells from cult you could just make it so you need to add body parts to it instead of soul shard

dreamer from lifeweb is thta you??

Maybe multiple crazy psychos?

Maybe its a team antag with some nurses

idea, they should be able to teleport to some lab in space, one can be able to randomly find the lab while space exploring but the lab is quite small, it also contains all surgery tools and an emagged organ harvester

I don’t see it as full antag, but as a traitor item perhaps.

what happens if your target dies and you can’t get the organ lol

Necro :neutral_face:

ahhhhh fuck damn it i forgot to check the date

Necro bad :pensive: