Game ban appeals for itspuerh

CKEY: itspuerh

Admin’s CKEY: notashark

Ban Type: perma

Ban Length: never ending

Ban Date (2023/04/06/)

Round ID: i am not seeing this on the ban?

Ban Reason:
RDM/GRIEF. new miner, starts stabbing random people and plays dumb, appeal if you care

Appeal Reason:
I will not grief again. I picked a random place not caring, but after carful thought i realize that i was wrong to do that as others do care and it ruins their fun. I would like to join back and try to play for real

Additional Information: I hope this is right i am having trouble using the site.

Well, according to our permaban policy, you’ll have to wait a year before being able to appeal it and you will require to provide a vouch from a reputable server.
And seeing how after you got banned for griefing here you also got banned from Yog and Fulp for similar behavior it’ll be a tough task.

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It’s arguably an ‘appeal on the forums’ type ban judging from the description. Although the format hasn’t been followed properly.

@itspuerh Please edit your post to follow the following format. You can edit your post by clicking the three little dots on the bottom right and then the pencil icon.

**Admin's CKEY:**
**Ban Type:**
**Ban Length:**
**Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):**
**Round ID:**
**Ban Reason:**
**Appeal Reason:**
**Additional Information:**
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I have fixed it

You need to fill out the relevent information on that form as well, rather than just copy-pasting just the form itself over :+1:

Im Still Waiting for all info has been properly filled out.
Until then this report will not be processed

After getting some help (thanks @Ruko ), we found out that you formated your request in a way that is not visible to us. Im posting it here:

As this is a permanent ban, im passing this on to @Headmins

Is this not an appeal-on-the-forums-type ban?

That was no the intention, nope

Alrighty so now that it is cleared up that this is not an “explain on the forums” type of ban, are you able to provide a valid vouch from a reputable server?

12 days have passed and no valid vouch nor answer was provided.

Feel free to open another appeal once you are able to fullfil these requirements.