Game Ban Appeal Thefallout (reformated)

Thefallout Permanently Banned by fighterslam
CKEY: Thefallout

Admin’s CKEY: fighterslam

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both occured on HighRP

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date: 08/29/2021

Round ID: 32364

Ban Reason: Plasmaflooded the emergency shuttle against subverter’s wishes, aswell as general LRP behavior. D/Ced after bwoink.

Appeal Reason: Unintentional cause and effect

Additional Information: I am aware that I fucked up for the plasmaflooding of the shuttle by saying “yeah go ahead” as I was not paying attention to what they said, I did not directly flood the emergency shuttle myself, I had prior told the borgs to stop plasmaflooding, I am not aware if they did or not. I’ll try to fix the LRP behavior, however I am not aware of what I said/did in low rp behavior if this can be added to the comments of this ban please do. The D/Ced after bwoink is due to the fact I was being yelled at to hurry up, sorry I was unable to alert you due to a RL situation and failing to send you information that I would have to get off. All in all I understand if my ban appeal is not approved.

As this was an “explain on forums” ban, I’ve looked over the appeal.
At this rate, you’ve been banned for roughly two months, and I think that’s sufficient enough given what happened.
Ban lifted.

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