Game Ban Appeal Isaku

CKEY: Isaku

Admin’s CKEY: Ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one : Both

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Eternal

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07-22-2019

Round ID: Round ID 0

Ban Reason: I killed a security officer while being the HOS out of anger since the officer called me a coward.

Appeal Reason: I want to play again on the Beestation, i like the community and i regret being one of those people that ruins people gameplay and i want to prove that i can be better.

Additional Information: I was irritated because of outside reasons when that happened, and i’m sorry about that.

Since @Ruediger4 is no longer an Admin I’ll be taking over. That being said, he can still give input if he remembers the ban. I’ll most likely remove it unless something major pops up.

Hi Xlyana, thank you for reading my ban appeal, i was banned a while ago as you see, it’s been nearly 10 months, at the moment i had problems with anger issues as i stated in my original message and it tainted on my gameplay and i really hate that now.

@Xlyana hnggg get me da full ban info,

Also august 2019, i was just a fullmin back then. I can’t recall shit to be fair. Does he have notes or other stuff, Xly? Though odds are just unban unless something wacky is found in notes, if any.

They have other similar notes but not that major. I’ll remove the ban since it’s been a long time anyways. Closing.