Fusion destroys station

CKEY: Robustisaurus

Your Discord: debrapegasus

Offender’s CKEY: Haton

Offender’s In-Game Name: Radagon IM

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2022/10/18

Round Number: 40930

Rules Broken: Mass murder, destruction of station

Incident Description: Atmos tech was running a fusion project the whole shift. Towards the end of the shift the fusion broke confinement and heated the air in the main hallways up enough to kill people after about five seconds of exposure.

Additional Information: Other people were saying that the atmos tech was also ignoring station needs such as SM and power and just working on their fusion gimmick the whole round.


I actually got a name, as I first witnessed the fusion’s wrath, I saw the atmos tech’s body flying past me and managed to inspect them quickly. Radagon IM (Ckey: Haton) was a traitor, but without any murderbone objectives.

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Just to add up on this, Radagon IM built a second burn chamber outside of Engineering’s hallways. Once the burn chamber reached to about 3 or 4+e levels, the chamber broke and it superheated the entire station in result. Like Gilgax said, there were no murderbone objectives. Only stealing the CE’s magboots and killing a medical doctor.

Thanks, Ill update it with that. I actually tried to rescue the guys corpse in halls but I was too busy burning to death to really notice his name. : p

And they didnt even do that. Pretty much all the med doctors survived the round.

Just to tack one more thing to the list.

Very prominent character for the game, not some niche side figure


Not the first time they did fusion that wasnt contained. Even as non-antag, all I see from them is just uncontained fusion because ‘Im a plasmaman, it doesnt hurt me’.

Fun Fact. Plasmapeeps do take rad damage if it is high enough. Was put in a while ago, I tested recently and Nobelium XXL died to rads from fusion balls.

This ban is independant from the report. It only concerns the events that happened during round 40937

Well I personally thought it was important to the report that the person being reported for releasing fusion has since been banned for not securing fusion. It shows it wasn’t a one time accident in my opinon.

I was a traitor that round but did not intend to cause the harm I did as I get into later.
My objectives were:
-kill the chemist, who later left, and then became to kill SAWBONES.
-Steal the CE’s Magshoes
-Break people out of prison (but no one was ever put there from what I noticed)

I had pretty relaxed objectives, so while waiting for good times to strike I would try to make Hyper nob, which was what my plan for the game was before I became a traitor. Stealing the Magshoes turned out to be really hard since the Captain was constantly coming to use the Protolathe and check up on me.

The Fusion did not break containment that shift, I had it actually pretty well secured with both chambers (trit and fusion) being surrounded in reinforced glass which had been screwed, crowbarred, and screwed again.
What ended up happening was when I tried to make hypernob. That round was my first ever round trying to get hypernob from mixing nitrogen and trit. I had NO previous experience doing this, and I had never seen or been told how to do it or how dangerous it actually is. The accident happened when I made a chamber in the engi lounge for the gas to mix (the atmos area was small on that map and I ran out of space.). I accidentally forgot to properly secure 1 of the reinforced glass. Then I instantly died and the space wind carried my body through a couple of doors opening them, spreading the heat, faster than the fire alarms could react. I am pretty sure the AI also spread the heat further by forgetting to use the holograms before opening the doors. At the time I was honestly in awe at how glitched out a lot of stuff got from the wind, as I had no idea it would turn out like that. If I had done it on purpose, I wouldn’t have died, since to save myself I could have literally just placed 1 hologram on top of myself to not die to the heat, and then laid down to dodge all objects. My main point is, that I didn’t do it maliciously, I actually did it in good faith, since If I made hypernob I would give it to cargo. I blame CentCom for not having proper safety guidelines and a lack of training.

Additional Information: why would I set up power and tend to the station’s needs as a traitor?? I thought we were supposed to cause chaos, not fix it.


I rarely do fusion. What you see is me making nitryl and sometimes stim for bounties and huffing. It produces very little radiation in comparison to fusion. I always do keep it in mind when we have someone not immune to radiation working in atmos. Alas, there is usually only robots. So when all in atmos are radiation immune or I am the lone worker there. I don’t really see why I have to strongly contain it when it never goes past atmos.

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Did you see the round summary? I did complete all my objectives, except for surviving. I admit I did not kill BONESAW directly, I am unsure how they even died. I also stole the magboots while all the vending machines were alive and blamed the destroyed entrance to the CE’s office on them.

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Aight so i looked through the logs on this.
And, while honestly it can be slightly hard to tell not having seen the events in person, i cant see anything in the records that’d prove he did this on purpose to murderbone. Im willing to buy it was an accident.

The rolplay im seeing isnt amasing but certainly its not an issue.
And yea, ignoring station needs is a okay, since he was infact a traitor.

Taking all that together, i have to dismiss this report.

But you should probabbly consider changing your name to not be a darksouls reference @Haton

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