FunnyLuigi Mentor Application

Your CKEY: FunnyLuigi

Your Discord: Fuzzy#3156

How long have you been playing ss13?: Spring 2019 apparently


Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Didn’t ask anyone.

Tracked Playtime


Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’ve mostly main service, cargo and sec. Mostly whereever I feel I can get the most interacts with people.
As my hours probably should tell I’m pretty well expeienced with being HoP/command. I’d say a good amount of my hours as HoP were me acting as Captain.
I’ve also mained lawyer so SOP and space law are all things I (mostly) understand which I use whenever I’m playing sec (god awful at combat though). Admittedly my weak points are engineering and science, I know a fair bit in construction but that’s about it.
I got medical experience too however as a doctor and paramedic.

Before making this application I would sometimes help newcomers in LOOC so I figured it was about time I become an offical mentor. :slight_smile:


Good hours and is generally a good player, would be great to have them as mentor. +1


too lazy for questions

unless an admins shows that you have actually broken 50 rules in the past day and also haven’t join in 2 months

I’ll just give a


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A veteran player that holds their roleplay standards above and beyond what’s expected on bee, so that’s already a +1

I guess I could post some questions too uhhh

  1. I got my patient out of crit, but they’re still dying from oxygen damage, what do I do?
  2. What can protect me from syringes fired from syringe guns?
  3. I’m hop. The cap told me to hire new heads, what do I do?
  4. What will it take for you to give me maint access?
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Thanks for the kind words all around :relaxed:
Time to answer some questions:

Make sure there’s air in the room, if there isn’t any then give them internals. If that doesn’t fix it give them salbutamo from the chemist.

(Might be wrong with this one) hardsuits can probably protect you from syringe shots.

Pick someone reliable from whichever department needs a head and set their title as “acting” head. Don’t let some random assistant become part of command (never let someone without a mindshield be HoS). When a official head arrives inform them and ask the acting head to come back to the HoP line and return their access and to give back their gear to the official head.

As a mentor I can’t give you maints access try asking the HoP.


Played with them before, they know their stuff. +1

I wouldn’t sweat not knowing engineering inside and out. Unless its a basic question, you can’t do much to help engineering projects without seeing them which mentors can’t do.

Science is just following a recipe for toxins/xenobio/roboticist and basic programming for nanites. Can’t really teach programming in an mhelp so that point is also moot.

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Get this person a mento role. Personally experienced this person’s knowledge and helpfulness.


Going over mentor apps sometime within the next couple of days unless someone beats me to it.

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Okay, going over this soon™, but actually for real this time. Sorry about that.

All good. I ain’t in any rush or anything. If anyone have more questions, please I must flex my very limited knowledge of space game on you.

Denying this due to fairly sparse recent activity. Sorry I took so long to process this, I imagine that probably didn’t help in that regard.

You’re welcome to apply again once you’re playing more consistently.
Good luck on any future applications.