Funny Clownmag Emag Idea


Emag but funnier

All extra functions unlocks kept, and all dispensers can dispense laughter and banana juice and spess lube outright

Doors now honk when opened forever (does not change access) (basically what the virus from the pda does if normal clown but it lasts forever and has infinite charges)
Clownmagged speakers and radios talk in comic sans and so do clownmagged AI, borgs, and IPCs
Clownmagged borgs become loyal to you, with a law 4 to do the funny and become emagged clownborgs.
You can’t unlock access to anything though, except the comms console, and you’re locked into buying the funny snappop shuttle

TLDR, funny comic sans, makes borgs clowns and doors honk, but you don’t unlock doors or consoles besides the comms one (which also auto buys the snappop shuttle). Less useful but way funnier.

Mayhaps you can also Honkjack the shuttle and take it to clown world but that would require mapping a horrific bananium planetscape to land at


Fyi hijacking isn’t tied to the emag.

Let’s make it for the Clownmag then. lol


Th is an amazing idea. we can also make it apply the clown theme permanently to any PDA or computer it’s used on.


Instead of emagging each speaker and radio, the comms console in bridge now has a new option. ENABLE CLOWN MODE. Everyone gets comic sans + a random color on the chat when speaking (like the clown crayon), that way is way harder to know what channel you are hearing unless you look at the name a the start of every single message. If you target someones mouth and they have a mask on it inmediatly turns into a clown mask. Same thing with shoes.

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pierrot’s throat

Janitor borgs should leave a trail of lube once clownmagged.
and shuttle emag does nothing but display the 10 second leave time making people go oh shucks I hope there is a beacon but the shuttle is still there with a extra 2 min wait time.


better yet, the timer does this:


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