Fucked around and found out stories

Post stories about times people have, well, fucked around and found out.

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It was one day on TG and I was doing xenobio and I remember when that mime youtuber made that video duped megafauna with regen black.

Then I thought of something with my failed tries at killing megafauna with gold spam what about time stopping and a blood drunks saw.
It worked
Then I realize the loot is useless so I gave it to the local crew

One time on a other story I killed a drake as a shaft miner and got the lava staff then proceeded to give it to the mime, sec was busy with that mime the whole round

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I was playing on fulp as a sec officer when I noticed a wanted assistant sitting next to a bon-fire with a crowd in the main hallway, he was holding a fire extinguisher.

in naïveté, I thought “Oh, he’s holding the extinguisher because he’s in the main hallway and there are gamers about, so someone could wind up catching fire” and made an attempt at arresting him.

DEAD WRONG, that fucker was holding it purely for the gamer ability to drop it’s contents on the floor and slip folks like me.

It worked, I dropped the batong and then he ran away, evading all attempts at arrest.

Lucky me, I’m pretty sure everyone died/round ended before I had to face my embarrassment because I never got back to SEC to aquire a new batong.

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