Fuck jannies

Fuck them, just fuck jannies
End of speech
If any jannie responds, I say that you stfu, cumdump, because socks don’t speak


Hoes mad (x20 characters)

Wow good speach

High quality post. Bumping.

Thanks you too.


Shut up jannie fuck
Go back to adminning the server for free

Gonna have to sign up for jannie to clean up the shit that is this thread

Fuck that bitch chaplain

busy eating hot pockets shit post away

Do not erp the jannies. Erp is bad. Erp will get the cops at your door

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hey mate

you know how admins have a tendency to just completely abandon ban appeals

like, just ghost that shit

how about you red pill yourself and realize that the ban appeals are designed to work this way so the banning admins can cheaply game the system and, through inaction, ensure that players they dislike remain banned with pretty much no risk involved for them

i mean like, think about it

what kind of risk comes to the banning admin for just ghosting their own ban appeals

they get fucking yelled at?

Did you post that because I mentioned that in a ban appeal :flushed:

yes i did fellow negro

yes they get yelled at

also nearly every appeal gets processed within a day or two

Shush, janny, fuck jannies.

Eat hot pockets

fuck jannies

nyagger ligger ni-

What about my appeal

Like my appeal is important. i MATTER.