Fuck it add hrp

Furries not allowed tho

Make it go crazy

Add different pvp

Fuck it

Do it

Appeal to all black people

Get some paradise faggots to play

Make stacks

No problem

Mclovin 2019

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But first we need the erp server in order for our society to stay stable
-Ghobama 2019

Not really sure how a HRP server differs from a MRP server, but something tells me it wouldn’t work out for bee players.

No nonono

Mclovin 2019

It doesnt need to bee specifically for bee players

You saw what i did there?

*breathes in
*breathes out


everyone would eventually get banned though because they will turn into furries

Hrp would mean a complete server revamp including new rules.

We kinda did that with MRP though.

…not like it changes anything. We don’t have the staff nor the funds required for 3 servers.

HRP would recquire a completly new staff team, rules,and alot of game changes…

bruh momentos and diet coke

More out of curiosity than anything else, but what exactly would be the differences be between MRP and HRP? The only thing I’ve heard is that you’re supposed to roleplay pain on HRP, while it’s not really required on MRP (thought some times still done). What rules and game mechanics would have to change for HRP?

HRP servers have extremely tight rules ,with fear rp being a thing and CoC and power structure being taken to extreme lenghts

This is only half right. We have the funds to open up like 6 more servers, as we have cpu cores to spare on our current box. We can quickly and easily scale up to have more servers without paying more

HRP doesn’t work on /tg/ codebases.

Hmm alright qwerty, but with a few adjustments from the bee code it could be possible. I personally dont play hrp but maybe it would be fun and get paradise people and make bee on the long scale money. Cause those furries be payinnnn

There’s no way in hell you can get me to mod hrp

Citadel? :flushed: :flushed:

I’m not sure if I should think that sounds cool or cringy, to be honest. Definitely doesn’t sound like bee players though.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no stop.