FreshMeatLover admin report

In-game misconduct: Naming guideline

CKEY: Tactician987.

Your Discord: Wine#0972.

Offender’s CKEY: FreshMeatLover .

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10-29-2021

Round Number: 33671.

Rules Broken (if relevant): Eyebrows raised name

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): not being professional and following personal bias.

Incident Description: During the first part they were polite about me naming my character Janein Janein as they thought it was against the naming guideline, when I gave my reason they wouldn’t hear it and just conclude it was against the guideline with the reason being not RP enough. I told them I have prepared roleplay material for such a reason and when I offer them to roleplay it out, they disregard both and proceed to forcefully change my character’s name. I do consider it to be unprofessional and biased and also an abuse of Admin privileges.

Additional Information: Ja nein in German means yes no but i have also explained it to be pronounce Jane-in

Having a first name be the same as your last name is kinda odd

Maby something regarding the conduct in the ticket could be say. but I think changing your name when you refused to is valid option

Admin forcibly changed my rulesbreaking name

Bias and unprofessional


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my name which didnt follows the guideline from their view, which is because they are a native German speaker. Bias as in a person from UK could see the problem differently so its German’s bias in my opinion.

weirdest admin report I have ever seen

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I take roleplay a bit too seriously sometimes.

It’s not only that having both names be the same is odd. Your name translates to “yesno yesno” in german. It did raise my eyebrow and so did it to wueue.

About the personal bias thing. This is the first time i’ve ever interacted with you. I literally don’t know who you are?!

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Have you never heard of stereotyping ? also i have interacted with wueve before and you are the first to speak.

How is “being German” report worthy?


not “being” but using German as a reference on a multicultural online game and forum.

American here. Saw name without initial explanation. Thought it was weird as fuck.

8/10 bad name would bwoink again.


I learned this naming sense from an American, Anna Rice ever heard of them ?

I sustain this opinion of Bad Name

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Why no. No I haven’t. In fact, my point was that I, as what I like to consider an average (American) English speaker, find your naming scheme to be atypical at best, leaning to downright weird. So, consider both eyebrows thoroughly raised.

Perhaps taking naming schems from fiction authors isn’t the best plan.

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though I don’t think so, as of now I’m the minorities so it has been concluded ain’t it ?

You do know that there’s a lot of British people in beestation and even some admins, Aeder for example, Cae(?) and we used to have another Brit so ye ain’t a minority mate

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How is this biased, at all? You are lucky they didnt perma ban you until you provided a valid name here, you got it easy and made an admin report?

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Name is not right because human beings aren’t usually named with the same word for the First and Last name.
I remember the case of someone named ‘Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz’, which is known among poles but I don’t recall someone being banned for having that.

If someone was named Taknie Smith, I don’t think any Polish admin would care.

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After thinking about it for a while i believe did handle this not quite correctly. Using my knowledge of german as a metric to decide if a name fits or not is not quite justified. Except if it is something really offensive of course.
Apologizes i shouldn’t have judged you about the german meaning of your name.
That doesn’t change the fact that your name still doesn’t fit our guidelines though but i’ll make sure to judge names in the future from an english speaking point of view.


It is justified. If someone names themselves something stupid, like in this case yesno yesno, it’s not a fit for the server. The server is english based and while we are not so 1984 to force everyone to be called John Smith, if you choose to have a name in a language other than English you should also be expected to follow the same naming guidelines.

Without full context of the ticket, I would presume you stating that you presented some kind of argument against this resulted in the admin changing your name for you, which is entirely wholly acceptable.

If you are refusing to follow the server rules, you can expect a ban.

If you disagree with the admins ruling on a situation you can place it in the ban appeals. If you are petulant you can make an admin report, wait for everyone to tell you that you are in the wrong and should not be making a farcical report on an admin, and then go about your day.

All of the above is clearly explained on the rules and wiki page, and this report accusing an admin of bias solely because they are German smacks of racism to me.

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