Francinum admin report (UNUSED TITLE)

In-game misconduct:

Title: Francinum Admin Report

CKEY: Ksanavaari

Your Discord: Ksanavaari#6239

Offender’s CKEY:Francinum

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02.22.2021

Round Number: 27274

Rules Broken (if relevant): 

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Action Policy: Admins are to cite broken rules within the ticket and any resulting bans

Incident Description: Telling me to end my long running curator anti-moth gimmick while not providing any reasoning other than “you do this every round” which is just a blatant lie, you can check this from my most recent games and from the fact that I rarely play curator. I admit that there was a time where I would do this for a couple rounds in a row in an unfun way but we had a discussion about this with an admin who deemed it was ok to continue as long as I am not in hiding and constantly in contact with the crew, something that I have done by organizing peaceful protests, spreading anti-moth propaganda in the form of written books and uniting all the other races in my goal of bringing more hatred towards the moths.

Additional Information: tl;dr Long running gimmick that has been discussed with admins previously gets shut down by Francinum without any real reason and while not breaking any rules, instead telling me to take it to the forums if I have an issue with this.

While I wait for the round to end, and while I gather some more information on this, let me remind you:

The admin who told you to do it out in the open so you could at least get arrested for it was me.

Additionally, here’s the rules I’m citing in that incident.

R0 Admin Discretion
M1 You must Roleplay

Rule 1:
Admins have the authority to 'ignore' rules when they feel it's in the best interest of the server/playerbase. They will, however, be fully accountable for their actions.

And I took your advice, interacting with the crew about it more, making myself vulnerable in the public so I could be arrested or beaten up for spouting irrational and outdated propaganda.

About the no roleplaying part, I have printable anti moth propaganda and books, I have previously made public peaceful protests in the form of setting up a stage and standing out there with a sign spouting the intolerant propaganda.

This round I just didnt have access to my console to print that material, due to power being out in the library. I also couldnt stage anything bigger since I was being chased by securitrons and an ED-209.


Seems to me like hes doing a lot of roleplaying, its just not roleplaying that you like.


Speciesism is still part of the wiki, and I unironically prefer it. Let Ksanavaari hate moths. Damn lightlovers took our medbay role!


Its not just about the speciesism, the reason its targetted towards moths is because their gimmick is usually being overtly friendly and harmless.

My curator is the opposite, a bitter human isolated in his library, spouting out insults and conspiracy theories that dont make sense if you have interacted with moths. Instead of another “cool and chill dude who everyone likes and who solves all issues” because lets face it, we have enough of those.


I played moth while they still did the anti moth thing and it was some of the funnest times i had on bee so i think the “best interest of the player base” thing doesn’t apply.


my man got admin discretion’d, he’s not getting that unban :flushed:


Yeah this seems kinda on a whim. I enjoy the anti-moth curator and I’ve been lowkey missing him lately. I think there are ways Ksanavaari could make the character a little more nuanced and interesting (perhaps trying to hide his anti-moth sentiment while interacting with them?). Lately it seems admins are banning certain players on a whim and I think Francium would be setting a bad precedent here, in essence encouraging players to stifle their roleplay because they play a character that…the admin doesn’t like?? he is literally roleplaying my dude

considering that multiple people including myself have responded that they like this character, I think the rules Francium cited aren’t really valid enough. Also, I think it’s lame that he said he was gonna gather evidence, and seemingly make a more detailed response and then just cited rules to cover his ass. That’s a shitty way to be a leader.


Anti-Moth gimmick might be funny as Debtor, since they believe in conspiracies, but screaming moth slurs with a stolen loud-mode headset isn’t really funny the 500th time you do it.

Find a better gimmick.