Francinum Admin Report: 2 electric boogaloo

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: bilary

Your Discord: F.F#3060

Offender’s CKEY: francinum

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-02-2021

Round Number: 32429

Incident Description:

My ban was changed from a 2 week server ban into a permanent Engineering job ban, but there was no final straw that caused this ban, franc essentially just randomly banned me for something completely unrelated, I was also banned from all Engineering roles, instead of the previously mentioned 2 week CE and atmos tech job-ban.

And ACTUALLY, I agreed at first to the 2 week ban, but I removed it shortly after because I changed my mind, then franc re-added it hours later.

Additional Information: Seriously? I was literally lied to and tricked.

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Yeah no I’m gonna just be real here and say that I completely missed the two weeks part of the jobban suggestion due to trying to process some other stuff at the time of the appeal.

I’ve gone ahead and reduced it down to the acceptable duration.

I would also like to clarify the actual ‘terms’ of this agreement, You are restricted from being blanket transferred from your primary job to engineering and performing their tasks as your primary goal.

I’m quite unhappy with the broad and malicious way you interpreted my post, though it is somewhat understandable with the unclear definition.

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As per the above post, fran has resolved the issue and we have internaly discussed it further, this should suffice.

Report resolved