Fourest jobbanned by xlyana

**CKEY: Fourest

**Admin’s CKEY: xlyana

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Golden

**Ban Type: Security Jobban

**Ban Length: FOREVER

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-10-25 14:27

**Round ID: 8386

**Ban Reason: Kept randomly attacking or pushing people. Tried to kill the lawyer for sending all messages through the PDA. Left before bwoink. Please do appeal.

**Appeal Reason: I don’t think starting fights is good reason for permanent jobban

**Additional Information: I was playing as Detective and Lawyer was sending shit to everyone though his PDA

Hey there,

Going to tip in on this ban appeal and be the first Admin to voice my opinion.

  • Since you left before bwoink it’s an automatic sign of guilt, hence why Xlyana had imposed a permanent security role ban.

  • People can have the option to send PDA messages to the entire station, you have an option in your PDA to disable your messages. Attacking someone for sending a PDA message is really poor form.

In my opinion I would reduce it from a permanent to a a week or two since it has been appealed.

I’d also like to point out you should probably elaborate a little bit on your appeal reason as it doesn’t go into much detail as to why you should be unbanned from the role. This is for other Admins to make a judgement on the appeal.

This is my two cents

I didn’t knew about this new PDA message feature, i though he was sending this messages to me

I’ll remove the ban completely. Please be more careful in the future and NEVER resort to force unless you absolutely need to.

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