Fourest Banned by Moccha

**CKEY: fourest

**Admin’s CKEY: moccha

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: The Golden one

**Ban Type: Permaban

**Ban Length: Forever

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12-11-2019

**Round ID: 10133

**Ban Reason:“Planted C4 on someone proceeded to later on kill them and DC. Authed by Zanos, Appeal on the Forums.”

**Appeal Reason:I don’t think killing one guy on LRP server is a reason to permaban

**Additional Information: No really

It’s not about killing one person that made this be a perma ban, but rather leaving before i could bwoink you about it.

Permabanning someone from leaving the game

This is some Paradise level of badmin. It’s normal to ban someone if he left right after being bwonked, but banning for leaving BEFORE being bwointed is gay

Well if you don’t get punished in some notable way you’ll just come back and act like it’s perfectly fine to continue doing what you did. The permaban is to get the banned to explain what be happenin’ with the prior rule-breaking action. Because if they just get punished as if they never left, there’s a lot of information left out that should be considered, as is done with any ban decision.

And besides, if they never appeal the ban, then they never wanted to actually play.

But killing one person is still not a reason for permaban, in my opinion, and, i guess, a lot of people would agree with me

It’s not the reason why it’s a perma ban is so that you come to the forums for 2 reasons. One show that you are interested in playing and not grieffing and 2 telling what happened. Since you already completed the first one you just need to fill me in to what happened and i will unban you.

Despite everything - I agree. It’s stupid to perma even if you leave. Maybe you had internet problems who knows.

I left just because i was bored, but yes, sometimes i have internet problems.

No, it’s not. It’s to make you explain it on the forum. Leaving before or during a bwoink is an automatic perma.

No, it is. It’s a forceful carry to forums. Nobody would like to visit them for no reason.

it’s a forceful carry to the forums because you didn’t answer in game if you had been on the game you wouldn’t be “forcefully carried to the forums”

People who break rules aren’t going to just get waived off with no information from them.

Perma to Forums is to get them to actually show interest in staying on the server, and explain what was going on that caused them to break rules.

If you don’t like it, then leave, nobody is telling you to stay.
The forums are for more than just ban appeals anyways.

forums are for more than just ban appeals

Yep, they’re also for shitposting, horrible suggestions, and memes. Also, they’re for yelling at qwerty for inventing the 20 character limit.

Fuck 20 chars

20 chars

I would’ve answered if i was asked

So, i can’t just leave the game, if i did something that could possibly lead to me being bwoinked? Should i just wait until i’m bwoinked? Even if have no time for this?

You could ahelp about it or tell an admin in discord that you had to leave. But we are getting sidetracked. Why did you plant c4 on someone and then kill them?

Everybody who joined the server has shown some interest already. By that on I was suggesting a giving a ban length of the rule break if no explanation was present for the following. Not permanent ban, maybe the guy just didn’t know something, on the time he comes back he sees permanent and just says “Ahh, fuck it, I am going to go on another server, I got permanent for this? pfff, never gonna play here again”.
Also, I have to admit that you are a really strange person. Only in two answers to me you somehow managed to show me so much disrespect that I never heard in my life before. You expressed so aggressively to me that I think you really should respect people you are talking with. By those means and explanations, why should I leave somewhere? Did I say that I don’t like something? I just said my opinion about the current state of admin-system and proposed the idea of reformation.
Forums. Their main objective is to handle ban appeals. Not much left. Discord handles everything else.

I find it funny that out of the blue though, after how long we’ve had it set like this, only now are complaints coming in about permabanning people that break a rule and leave before or during getting bwoinked.

If you actually have enough of an interest in the server, you’ll go on the forums to hopefully fix and get that permaban undone because of your own interest. If you don’t care enough to go on the forums for that server, then that’s on you.

I disrespect people all the time, equally. Just less here and more there. I’m even eating a salad, so I must be a not-so-bad person right? That was a sarcastic question by the way, of course I’m not a bad person, but I’m not a good one either.

Just saw a guy doing some strange shit, decided to kill him.