FNR-909/T.R.A.X.(RKz) good or no good

I usually play an RD IPC(FNR) or the AI(TRAX). I occasionally run a catgirl character named Calico.

Tell it to me straight, tiders.


No just kidding, I play golden so I don’t know ya that well. Stop on by LRP for a bit though!

A very good detective from what I see. Also a great miner. Keep on rocking!

Thank you! I think you may have me confused for someone else, because I only have 2.3 hours on miner

Update: I’ve abandoned about half of my characters including the Lizard and IPC.

I basically only play Kaz Janko the Human, and Calico the Felinid.

So… yeah.

Calico is a national treasure

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I vaguely remember trax

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Sometimes pulls a dumb ooc

IC, FNR-909 is a good IPC. Theyre a bit quiet but when they talk, theres always a solution of some sort to whatever problem. Glad to see theyve reappeared recently

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