*flip script

Does anyone have a script for typing *flip?

Having script or other kind of automation is banable afaik

@Doe @r1ks-iwnl

See the above post.
This applies to

Any and all forms of automation

Yes, we have banned people just for spamming emotes and not actually using it in combat.

Nobody needs to spam emotes on an RP server.

I know spin can be used for the op borg hardstun but i can’t think of anything bad about flip, i guess its a matter of consistency

It is mostly about consistency yes, but it’s also pretty atrocious to see people spamming emotes around the server.

They get bad when people are doing the sound-based ones especially, like fart.

Aside from not being RP friendly, it can also cause severe lag

Ohh for once im right

I know sound based like fart or scream etc can cause severe lag, but does flip and spin cause severe lag too?

No, they’re just bad to spam for RP reasons.

From what I have seen then can cause lag

Real byond games know about ctrl+up enter to spam emotes. You don’t need a macro.

But it’s shit RP, don’t do it on bee, you shouldn’t even really be flipping or spinning, you’re meant to play as a normal person not a quirky anime girl.

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you can never stop the
*flip *spin *clap

*flip *spin *clap *fart

Don’t think about stopping me