Flight capable lifebringer ship?

Back in the ol’ days, lifebringers (aka the funny podpeople who spawn in their own little hideout in Lavaland to grow plants and stuff) were able to exit their ship and not immediately die, by consuming unholy amounts of modified space tobacco, which made them not suffocate to death in the outside. However, some years ago, Lavaland atmos changed, and now lifebringers don’t die to lack of O2 anymore, but rather to CO2 suffocation.

Now the issue here isn’t the composition of Lavaland’s atmosphere, but rather how it pins the Lifebringers down inside their tiny little place. If they want to actually go anywhere else and engage with the round like golems/ ashwalkers can, they need to wait for outside help, which will likely never come. This leads to the role being solely for learning (which admittedly is the primary purpose of it), but makes it mostly uninteresting for veteran players who already know botany. I, particularly, rarely see anyone playing it, and when I do, chances are they already killed themselves or died to some swarmers that spawned nearby.

Of course, the most obvious fix here is to just give them high capacity O2 tanks and gas masks, BUT it would certainly be more interesting to have them fly their own ship. This would both give them more to do and incentivize crew to engage with them (explorers wanting to trade, etc). Have them have to work for it so it won’t turn the role into ghost exploration, like requiring power to start up the engines - which can be done with botany if they know what they are doing, and lifebringers are on pair with golems on how they can spice up rounds when they show up.

I have no idea if this breaks some sort of design philosophy of the server or something but it could be cool

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Or hear me out, they grow plants that out-heal the oxygen damage. Just some omnizine and earthsblood and mannitol.
Did you know that earhsblood heals 15 oxygen damage per tick?

It’s against the rules for lifebringers to show up on station. Same goes for golems, or any lavaland antag. We really don’t need them to “spice up” rounds.


^ That too, lavaland roles generally shouldn’t be looking for a way to get to the station.

honestly though, making it a separate faction in space unable to enter station z level sounds interesting. Lets miners/explorers/anyone else with a shuttle barter for powerful plants. Imagine miners getting botany bounties for the QM, explorers trading for plants that can heal them in a pinch or traitors with the syndie shuttle finding a source of revolvers. If they try to land in station space just pop up a “docking permission not found” message but otherwise give them free reign over space


That isnt even close to the issue with surviving on lavaland…
Its not a lack of oxygen. Its too much CO2 causing you to just instantly drop into a coma, even with 200u of salbutamol in your system you still cant survive it… only having a method to stop breathing the atmosphere will work.


dont tell anyone or else it’ll get nerfed :pensive:

OH NO THE looks through notes BRAIN DEATH CHEM!!!

I’ve always thought that they should have some special grass-tiles that retain atmos(or at least friendly atmos to them) so their whole massive project would be to spread funny grass across lavaland, IMAGINE being a miner, turning a corner and seeing some beautiful plants, colorful grass, RESPIRABLE atmos, etc that’s what i honestly thought their goal was when i first saw em

I think the Golems should be the one capable of lift their own base and fly it around after certain requirements are met (or they just build their own shuttle)


Oh that would be great. might be easy to code. just make the grass atmos blocking like cult tiles.

Doesn’t that just apply to some roles though? Ashies, beachbums and syndies are explicitly told not to enter the station, but syndies and ashies can involve themselves with the crew in various ways, while golems/ hermits/ podpeople don’t get anything mentioning they shouldn’t (though hermits are not mentioned in the escalation policy page, so not sure about that one). Seems like the issue here is specifically preventing antagonists who would just cause unnecessary chaos to enter the station z, not all ghost roles.

i mean golems sometimes even do get involved in the station… sometimes even setting up a tele between the two or even making a second AI. they are just told to not be overtly hostile to the station unless there’s a really good reason

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