Flex on people with the amount of hours you played beestation with

the title says all, enough said. I got 550 hours


watch this swag

How come crossedfall has the highest hours?

we are all deffenetly going to get compleatly crushed by some lad with 3800+ hours…

but i personally have 1230 for now

and no life ;-;

Server host.


Does this mean hours? If so holy fucking shit.

I dont know if this means hours or not…its…not clear.

I am 222 on the learderboard.

i think those are beecoins unless we are NOT looking at the same thing

It’s beecoins. 41010 hours would be close to 4.68 years without a break, so I doubt that

So then why is the leaderboard ranked by playtime?

Because someone did an oopsie when making the website. Also I confirmed it.
The amount of Beecoins adds up to what I currently possess ( although the coin icon was enough of a hint)

Oh well then.

Im pretty sure i have like…1500 hours on Bee. Not rly sure rn. A lot more in SS13 in general.

like 380 i guess, probably could be better idk how i’m even mentor


Feeling threatened?


No, im in envy because you have the highest hours, I mean How??

it’s called access to the database ; P

I would never do something so low! How dare you accuse me of editing my play time, beecoins, and antag tokens. For shame!


For some reason this takes me to bee coins and not hours

Its broken since texas was hit by that storm and servers went down for a while.

Not really something to be proud of, but here.