Flesh Gordo's Ban Appeal

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

CKEY: fleshgordo

Admin’s CKEY: ro5490

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Never

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2022-07-10 23:10:19

Round ID: 39.204

Ban Reason: Sentient spider spam leading to mass death as a traitor without any hijack or mass-death objectives. DC before Bwoink, please explain yourself on the forums.

Appeal Reason: Coming back from what I thought was a month-long stay in the doghouse, in nearly 3 years in which I have been playing on Bee, I’ve seen sentient spider infestations on multiple occasions in which there were no hijack or murderbone-related objectives - to which I will admit I also took part in a couple of instances - with pretty much everyone having a great time on all of them and not once having heard complaints from any other admins. With that being said, I guess I’ve learned my lesson and I do solemnly swear I won’t do it again, respectfully asking for an appeal.

Additional Information: If we REALLY need to get down to technicalities, if Im not mistaken, my traitor goal at that particular instance was stealing the HoS’s personal lasergun. That was made particularly difficult as the rascal chose to hunker down in the brig as heretics were on the loose, so, I went for spiders as a means of breaking into the brig, securing the coveted artifact and getting the hell out. It was already a late round so I went “fuck it” and decided I would even try to hijack the shuttle if the plan succeeded.

Furthermore, my spiders had very mild directives that went along the lines of “Kill the HoS and get me his gun”. This was made particularly evident as I distinctively remember many crewmembers commenting on how friendly the spiders initially were, and that they only started killing people once they started being killed themselves. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


If i read this ban reason right, the only reason this was perma is since you couldnt be reached for the bwoink. Ill asign the relevant admin


Pretty much what llol111 said, This was only perma due to not being able to reach you for the bwoink.

Thanks for explaining yourself.
Under Rule 13.4 Antagonist Conduct -

Sentient spiders are always a station-ender due to how fast they reproduce and get out of hand, as such they even have a specific rule under the self-antag rules(of which by being an antag you’re generally exempt from) -

As such I wanted to talk to you about it but you had DC’d before I could contact you unfortunatly.
I’ll lift the ban, but please keep this in mind for the future, as you’re always responsible for anything you grant sentience to, especially spiders.

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Ban Lifted - You where banned for longer than I would have given anyway, please try to keep the above in mind for the future ^-^

Appeal Accepted

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