Flandstation feedback thread - Now in V1.8

They do! However they’re incredibly sparse and i’m not 100% sure how to tweak the satchels spawn per map.

Not a clue to why that happens, sorry.

This is an odd one, since I’ve based all the AI chambers like any other AI chambers, at first i tought it was in fact because of the disconnected power to the AI APC, however…

This is the AI chamber in Delta2, notice how the APC is not connected to the grid… or nothing at all. even the SMES is the same as other chambers, my guess is that there’s something dragging more power than expected.

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Aright update V1.6.1 is out based on some more user feedback:

-Added extra disposal units trough the station to the cleanliness maniacs out there.
-Added extra Nicotine vendors, especially next to medbay.
-Made the bar less depressing and more bright.
-Added a camera in front of the Gravity generator.
-Removed grilles to the Starboard Solar array.
-Fixed more decal stuff.

I have also tweaked the maps.txt file to made it so that the map won’t be available if the user population is below 45 users, meaning that now it’s more of an highpop map than a lowpop one.

Stay tuned for more changes.

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ORM is hardcoded to have IO top/bottom I think

they are disconnected on purpose so lack of power doesn’t kill the AI

not enough engines iirc

But why does it work right/left on Box then? (is the whole station rotated? shudders)

the ORM is typically oriented to go from 1 to 2 (north to south) and can be rotated by screw → altclick wrench → screw, however in the v 1.6.1 i have changed that to be right:

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i know this is the most minor nitpic possible but could you add privacy shutters to the medbay treatment area? kinda weird having naked corpses and badly hurt crew being put on open display


I don’t like the weird space outside Science. There is a lobby, the science airlock, then another lobby? May be worth considering expanding the Museum.

While your privacy concerns are valid, then geneticists would be an ERP hellhole by that logic, but to be fair I was considering to add an extra privacy shutter to the statis bed areas (and also, keep in mind that surgery really should always take place in the surgery room, not in the most foot traffic area of the station)

Also fun fact related to that: You will be unable to access to Experimental Surgery from the statis bed, as it is only available from the Surgery table.

Honestly, not a bad idea, I’ll keep that in mind.

Oh check the walls in the Vault. As a swarmer, I was able to eat a wall then some rock and opened station to space. 1 wall right of Top NW corner.

Weird light thing at one of the western solars

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nah thats when the turf is a space turf instead of a station turf…


wonder that what is…

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these two rooms above and below the AI upload don’t have cams in the corners which seems weird

this shutter here on the AI core seems to have no way to close it, as the button right below it just closes the two shutters in the AI core hallway instead

permabrig should probably not be facing a main hallway with regular ass reinforced windows and a grille being the only things stopping somebody from freeing perma prisoners

Chem lower desk has 2 windoors. Stacked.

Addressed in the future 1.7 WIP version.

That’s no permabrig (even if in game it counts as one) and regardless, there’s a button to pull down the shutters for it.

Talking about the button, has it been adressed to not lockdown the entrance to that/have a separate button for that main entrance that leads into the ship/perma cells entrance?
Because from what i recall you kinda get stuck on one side and if you want to get out you need to open ALL shutters to lift that lockdown

Let’s say:

  • we have three perma prisioners that managed to break the window into the hallway

  • oh shit.jpg time to lockdown perma

  • button press, situation solved full lockdown, i’m now on the side facing the cells/access to ship

  • a nukie is attacking brig

  • oh shit.jpg i… need to go!

  • button press, i can go and kill nukie since i’ve lifted the barrier!

  • At the same time the perma prisioners escape since all has been lifted

If i didn’t make it clear i might try to grab a screenshot next time i play on fland

Also i don’t know if it was adressed but Medbay quarantine button misses Chembay main exterior window, if it were a zombie outbreak/revs/etc they could pummel through there easily (not counting they can break those shutters tho)

Also has the lack of biosuits been adressed?

thats not perma… perma is a shuttle ride away from sec

Yeah i know, but basically everyone refers to that place as Perma tbh