Fizziz banned by victorpride

Ban Type: server ban

Ban Length: 2 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-10-25 11:20

Round ID: 8381

**Ban Reason:**Stole a DNA injector and accidentally made themselves into a monkey, killed the geneticist when they refused to help him out and DC’d before they could be bwoinked. Appeal on forums.

Appeal Reason: Although I do admit that I saw a injector on the ground in genetics and used it I must say that it was a injector said by the genetecist himself, lethal as it was acidic telling me himself “your going to die now have fun”. After asking the genetasist to help me after “stealing” a injector that he had no use for other than harming other players I ventcrawled in and used bite on the genetacist and he retaliated by trying to kill me. At this point I only wanted to be healed as a simple mutadone pill would do and would save my life but he refused, the other genetacist helped me and allowed me to escape even with the other genetacist trying to kill me the whole time which he stated that he would do. After getting healed I assumed that he was either a traitor or a self antag so I did go in and kill him however I did let docters use the defibulator and heal him. As for me logging out before getting bwonked I was killed by an antag and I doubted I would get cloned so I logged out. I have the upmost respect for the admin and i harbour no ill will to the player either but I hope you can understand my perspetive and unban me

Additional Information:

You stole an injector called “Advanced drugbs injector” and decided to use it on yourself. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The geneticist has no obligation to help you fix that mistake especially after you trespassed and stole from them, and besides mutadone is made by chemistry not genetics. There was Acidic Flesh in the injector, which can be annoying and harmful, but only lethal if you don’t treat it

You attacked the geneticist multiple times before they retaliated so I also don’t know why you’ve made it out like it was one bite. I’m skeptical of your DC excuse also, because most people ahelp to check after they’ve been killed by means which are not restricted to antags. I’m looking at this as self-antag after you did a dumb, but I’m happy to hear thoughts from other admins.

he did tell me that it was lethal. I have played enetacist many times as it is my one of my best jobs and i have gotten bwoinked and punished by sec when doing the same as him and also enetatics have a box of mutadone pills. I do accept that I did do a dumb but I am also aware that one of the rules of this station is “dont be a dick” and although it is true that I used the injection and was told of my impending doom by genetatics I acted rashly as I thouht I was in serious danger. As for my excuse i did wait a decent bit and ot no ahelp and was surprised that I got one because I thought that at this point he was valid which I now know was wrong. I did have to leave because I like too keep fit and I cannot run outside too late because I run through the woods and I might trip over a root and hit my head (and I am afraid that a clown will snatch me away in the dark woods). I hope you will forive my ignorance and lift my ban but I understand if you dont.

How is this still up

Fixed. Wow. Whew. Fuck.