Fizziz banned by rukofamicom 2

CKEY: fizziz

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicon

Banned in all servers:

Ban Type: Appearance ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 31409

Ban Reason: 2021-07-17 20:12

Appeal Reason: I would like to say that I had thought that the naming policy allowed cat people to have the name “cat” or something of that ilk. While I do think the punishment was a bit harsh I agree with its reasoning and the fact that I was not there to receive any comment from the admin makes the situation perfectly acceptable.
I respect why I was banned but I do not think this punishment need continue any longer as I am a player who likes his character identity, so a ban on that is effectively a ban on me playing. I am sorry for breaking the rules, and will change my character’s name immediately next time I am allowed to play.
I would like to rename my character Schrodingers Katze on the basis that Schrodinger is a real, standard, German name that nobody would make a fuss if somebody from that region was named that way in real life.

Additional Information:

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This is not a firstname + lastname, this is just german for “schrödingers cat”

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So wouldnt it be Schrodigner Katze, not Schrodingers.

Also yeah as Yorii says thats just german for Schrodingers Cat lmao

Well with some of the names I see in this server I don’t think adding a s to the end of Schrodigner would be too unreasonable. Also it is an English speaking server so does the German issue really apply? Because if it does then that means every players’ name that is foreign must be revised to ensure there is no secret meaning. If the name Schrodingers Katze is not available, then I dont have another suggestion, but I will delete the character called Schrodingers cat.

Its not the fact that its German thats the issue, its the fact that your name would literally be Schrodigners Cat, but in German

That is not what I was referring to. Is the name Katze not allowed because it means cat in German, or bacause when put together with Schrodigner it means “Schrodigners cat”. If we assume it is the latter then are all names that signify anything banned? I have met players with names such as “Ruth less” which is so obvious I don’t need to tell you what it means. Something like that is a lot more on the nose than Schrodigners Katze yet one is allowed and the other is not.
If we assume its the former then I stand by my previous point. That if a name is Foreign its authenticity must be checked with ALL names from different languages, not just mine. I don’t fully agree with that policy, as writers of fiction throughout history have commonly used such a technique to give their characters more significance through the meaning of their names, but its not my server.

Both Schrödinger and Katz (not Katze) are german surnames. While (imo) Schrödinger is never used as a first name, Katz is sometimes a nickname for names like Katharina.
Maybe “Katz Schrödinger” would be an acceptable name? I don’t think Schrödingers Katze would be in line with the guidelines.

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assuming katz can be used as a first and second name, could my characters name be “Katz Katz”? (Katz Schrodinger sounds good to me, don’t want to name my guy Katz Katz, just want to know if it is possible)

As Xeapor said, the issue isn’t that the name isn’t real. The issue is that the name is a blatantly obvious reference to Schrodinger’s Cat.

Per our naming rules that I have screencapped, pick a name which is not an obvious reference.

This name would also not be allowed if it had been reported or otherwise caught.

No character should have a blatant reference to their own race in the name. If you want to play a felinid, it should not be named “Cat” or by extension “Kat”.

Well I don’t really have another name to take its place, I will probably come up with a new idea for a character but until then I am drawing a blank. Therefore I would like to just get rid of the character called Schrodingers Cat and play on my old characters.

So you’ll pick between Diego Rhatigan and Roymane Leichter then?

They only use that name on golden, so yeh.

Pretty sure I saw them yesterday on MRP.

I’ll pick Roymane Leichter, thank you.


Thanks for putting in the effort on remaking the thread too, by the way.