Fixing ling husks quickly and easily

When I was husked in a round a few days ago, the chemist wasn’t making any meds. Some moff doctor took out my brain > put it in a humanised monkey and defibbed to spread the cell damage and make the brain viable (or at least I think that’s why they did it?) > extracted the brain again and shoved it in the cloner. thought it was a cool tactic so I thought I’d share.

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Fairly certain that doing a brain transplant is the intended way of reviving people from being succ’d by a ling.

Wow, in that case it’s crazy that it’s taken me this long to be succ’d without medbay having rezadone on hand.
It’s something I prioritize most rounds when I’m on chem (I like going to botany (space-vietnam) and making friends with the botanists.)

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