Fix or remove the devil gamemode

So in the devil game mode the ONLY thing that you can tell you how to kill the devil and stop him from resurecting is broken

Either fix the Codex Gigas or throw the entire game mode away

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Remove devil
Add meat man antag
You are a beef man from fulp station you got sent here by the captain of fulp station saying they wanna spy on bee station and see what they are doing
Beef man can teleport with phobo thing tears they run faster and they take more damage and give less damage than humans when punching
But these beef men are specialer
They can grow a sharp beef armblade
Made with the steak bones
N things like that etc

I gotta agree. Devil as a game mode as a whole is too much. Its always filled with self antagging. The Majority of people sell their souls for powergaming reasons. Even heads greytide during Devil rounds. The only way to kill devils is always some obscure complicated way that takes forever to even find out.