Fix ling team objectives

I cannot remember the last time literally any lings in a round shared a team objective. whats the point if none of the lings are on the same team?

This one actually is posted in some salt, because I just got killed as a changeling by another changeling because we didnt share team objectives. in fact, NONE of the lings shared team objectives, and the changeling that killed me was frustrated no one was helping him with his objective, and thats why he killed me. No other reason. Simply because no one shared his team obj.

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Yeah that’s kind of the fucking point of lings buddy paranoia even for lings themselves which in canon sabotage eachother alot and are paranoid as fuck and usually hate eachother
tldr: this is rp lol

the issue here is when its completely impossible to do your objective due to a bug unless an admin intervenes and helps you

now thats pretty CRINGE

I’ve had that happen. I have a note on my account for it, was told “objective doesnt stop being true even when theres a bug” and got noted. You can ALSO get an “absorb more genomes than any other ling” as a second objective, which in reality conflicts with team objective. Its gay

it doesnt work if every ling gets a team obj, but no one shares that objective, which is what happened. Thats NOT rp, and also why would that be a good point on LRP, the land where RP goes to die?

also lol “in canon”, beestation isnt HRP my dude

Both of these points don’t work for MRP and yes there is a canon to 2d spessmen it’s okay if you’re too new to understand it though :flushed:

I thoughts lings was team
So one time Slav said to me
You ling bro
I say yeah
He kill me and sucked me off in Maint

Speaking of ling bugs, the other day I got a “steal nuke core” as a clown ling, and as far as I could tell I didn’t have the special tools in my internals box. I didn’t even attempt that objective, so I don’t know if I could have done it regardless- Panacea could have taken care of the rads, but I don’t know about the special screwdriver. Is this a genuine bug, or was I missing something?

Im not saying all lings are teammates. but if a ling has a team obj that requires 4 lings, and NO other lings have that team obj, whats the point of the obj? Its basically just a fuck you to whoever rolled it.

It’s basically how in the thing, all of the entities, despite attempting to procreate more of themselves, have different goals which may cause them to fight each-other to gain the trust of uninfected.