Fix hyphens when using say

Hi. I just wanted to point out a small bug that really annoys me. Hyphens are broken now and mess up the IC text or something won’t even let you send the message. This has happened recently so I just want to make it know.

Example of bug 1:
hypen one

Example of bug 2
This message doesn’t even send. So you can no longer RP having your conservation interrupted.


I also made a report about this on git!


Oh, I thought this was a feature haha, mixed emotes and speech are cool!
Though I wish it was on a character not used in actual speech.

Can it be removed from making it ‘me’ or ‘emote’ post, or completely deleting the talk you were suppose to be talking?
So many peoples are using these dash marks for marking out something, or quickly cut talkings like “So, for example-” (Then something happens around here)
But with this… Hidden update or something, it now messes up the conversation as well for good, or make a poor attempted announcement on the radio.

its not a hidden update. The RP that made this change is still being actively worked on. you can see the comments on it below on this link:

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I can’t really understand why people say that we (or any other project) roll out hidden changes/updates when everything we do is fully transparent on GitHub. I can understand not being able to fully read the code, but, that’s part of why we have readable PRs bodies. :pensive:

Literally in the changelog

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