Fivebilliondead ban appeal banned by Winterdarkraven

Title: Fivebilliondead ban appeal banned by Winterdarkraven


Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID:29195

Ban Reason:
Erotica is forbidden

Appeal Reason:
I was not doing any erotic roleplay i was just making a juvenile joke i will not do it again

Additional Information:

Alright, so there is a marked difference between ‘Erotic’ and E R P that the admins usually used to/still consider.

Bee has/had a clause that gave you a warning ban for ‘Erotic’ content, think appropriate jokes, WGW in library books(my personal mistake), etcetera.

Erp will land an errevoicable perma tho.

Yours seems to fall under the former.
Under the previous rulings, I can see an unban from this as long as you Do Not slip up again.

That was before the rules were consolidated onto the wiki, so it’ll be up to Velvet or a headmin now.

EDIT:Rukos about to clear that up from the typing message it seems

Gotta say, your choice of forum username does not really instill confidence in your claims - I adjusted it to match your CKEY.

From the sound of the ban, you were hit for reading WGW or something similar - not for ERP. We forbid erotic content entirely here, and it will be met with a permanent ban.

Wait reading and not making? How does reading it unknowingly net a ban? Making it, yes. But reading it? How can you even tell if someone is reading it?

Reading over comms mate lol

The overdone curator gimmick of “I will now read the station wgw from inside a locker”

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Oh. You probably should have specified. Yeah that seems very bannable.

I have no idea what WGW is but I dont think that was it
I made a joke about jerking off, thats all
I will refrain from doing so in the future if the ban is lifted

Yes, a joke about jerking off can certainly do it.

For future reference. WGW is an erotic copypasta. If you know which one it is. You can probably tell what it is by the acronym.

If you see it in the library, report it to your nearest admin immediately and then proceed to burn or delete the book as quickly as you can.

this is my first offense surely I can get another chance

Yes, if it’s your first offense and it wasn’t that bad you should.

I’m not in a place I can verify your claim or process this right now, so you’re waiting on @Velvet

Erotic content is strictly forbidden at all times. Anything that can be described loosely as erotic is not allowed. Doing erotica will result in permanent removal instantly.

Even as a joke this must not be done. BeeStation is a children’s server, there are minors among us.

Saying you’re jerking off while screaming you want to be “milked” to kids is disgusting. Will wait on second opinions on the matter.

This definitely falls under erotic/creepy.

Opinions have been given. No errors were made during the suspension. I see no reason to lift the ban.