Fivebilliondead ban appeal(again)


Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID:29195

Ban Reason:
Erotica is forbidden

Appeal Reason:
IPlease give me another shot here I didn’t mean to break the rules it was just a dumb joke i made i wont do it again i promise

Permabans can’t be appealed for a year after being instated as of current policy.

Unless they’re invalid.

You are going to have to argue that what you did doesn’t justify a permaban, else this will be closed.

Actually, reading this it sounds pretty resolved. This is just one of the harshest rules we have, so this is the result.

The rules warn of this

No erotic content is to be posted OOC or IC as the server contains minors. Violation of this will result in an immediate, permanent ban which may or may not be eligible for appeal.

Personal opinion, it’s not implausible that you were just acting very dumb having only skimmed/not read the rules and wouldn’t do it again.

But you’ll have to wait out that year to appeal unless policy changes, even in that case it’ll help if you have a vouch from another server (just play without getting into major trouble.)