Fishytheflopping player report

CKEY: Ice_Type

Your Discord: IT4E

Offender’s CKEY: Fishytheflopping

Offender’s In-Game Name: Papilio

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/09/03

Round Number: 45672

Rules Broken: 1

Incident Description: Papilio brainwashes many people, with the brainwash just being his objectives copy/pasted. He then abused the fact the C4 has no obvious indication it is being used to wordlessly cheese me on the shuttle, even though doing so got him killed too (the last surviving member of the incursion) and spaced the shuttle. (And this was oh hi Daniel, which is especially easily spaced.

@Shoob mind giving your side of things?

I successfully managed the army and didn’t let it get out of hand in terms of killing, murderboning etc and I only had about enough TC left for C4, there was only 1 causality that wasn’t my target in the explosion and I had it fairly contained and didn’t let it get out of hand, you yourself had a double e-sword.

so to sum everything up I had the situation fairly under control throughout the whole time and didn’t only managed up killing targets and one person in collateral damage.

Also given the situation what was I meant to do? Say oh hey I’m going to expload you now? You had plenty of fore warning about the bomb considering everyone was calling it out and you evaded me putting it on you.

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Additionally, engineering was on standby to block the explosive by the given fact that once it went off the gernade to block it instantly.

You even spoke to me, when I chased you into the back room of the ship. You addressed me by name you acknowledged my existence, me wordlessly killing you would have me just me not waiting for anything and just open fired.

I gave a lot of silent warning I was coming after you like in the holodeck, I was watching you and getting closer in which you ran off into space.

Also I was under the impression on of my teammates were still living and I apparently was wrong.

You could have used the army you’d built up, or something that would have actually had rp involved. I said your name to give you the opportunity to interact and instead you just silently stood there, c4 in hand (which I would have missed and had c4 planted on me if I hadn’t barely shift clocked you in time) and even when I started moving, you gave no indication on what your intentions were, and I waited for you to reciprocate any sort of interaction. Instead, you just abused my unwillingness to start cutting down possible threats on oh hi Daniel of all shuttles, and actually want some sort of interaction like I’d had with the 3 other people with objectives on me. I honestly would have preferred a straight up shooting, since that way your rped intentions would have been clear and I wouldn’t have been left trying to read you as you silently cheesed my ass.

And don’t give me that crap about silent warning. For all I knew, you just wanted to loot the body of gamer gear, and you gave no actual indication of intent whatsoever.

(Also you haven’t said a thing about straight up copy/pasting your objectives into your brainwashes.)

I don’t gotta. It’s my business what I brainwash people with and at the end of the day it prevents murderboning.


I literally said after you said ‘It’s my personal business’ said that it was ‘my personal business too’ & that I needed him dead, You were aware of the incursion why would a innocent moth doctor not only respond to a call out in a channel they wouldn’t have access too? Why would I have any need to go to the holodeck as soon as it was called out on a channel I didn’t have access too.

Also, my gimmick was behind the brainwashed folk. My whole thing is being hard to read, my whole gimmick was to be a mastermind behind the scenes having others do the dirty work while I sit on back and let my victims be the fall guys.

Anyway, I’m just gonna sit back and wait for the staff to chime in.

hey i was the last member of the incursion and i am not sure how they killed ?me can you explain because i died in a duel with our target they where not even near by when it happend

By last member I mean last to die, not bottom of the list.

Why wouldn’t you show up to a duel if you heard it on syndie comms?

because they where converting people and we never said it was a duel over coms the message said meet me at the holo deck

and yeah there where 3 of us one of us died kinda early on so it was just me and Papilio left for more than half the round

Thanks for making this report!

After going through the logs, I can confirm that what happened did in fact happen. However, what needs to be looked at is if what the incursionist did at the time was an effort to make the round interesting for all players. After looking through what was done in-game, I believe that there was an attempt made.

That being said,

What you brainwash people with, like everything else done as an antagonist, should be done with consideration towards making the round more interesting within your role. While an appropriate use is to create more allies towards your cause, things like this are looked down upon:

Fishytheflopping/(Papilio) surgically brainwashed *scrubbed*/(Louis Sunborn) with the objective
'You are now a member of the incursion! Kill everyone on this list!
Objective #1: Assassinate V01D, the Research Director. 
Objective #2: Josh Watson, the Quartermaster
Objective #3: Catherine Brown, the Scientist
Objective #4: Lowwy Thorley, the Paramedic'.

I encourage you to take more risks with how you word your suggestions. Preventing murderboning is the bare minimum of what should be done in a brainwash.

Have a good rest of your day!

Report Rejected