Fire lock glitch and how YOU could die from it

Pretty sure we have all experienced this: your hands are full and there is a hull breach. You get to the fire lock and attempt to open it, but oh no! The atmos gods go “lol no” and it instantly shuts when you run into it. You end up dying because you couldn’t shove whatever you have in your backpack so you could manually open it. I recently had an extreme version of this recently. So i was doing my normal xenobio shift and end up getting double armblades because xenobio. This may seem epic but wait! I was on my way to the escape shuttle when there was a fire lock in my way. I run up to it and try walking through it, but it ends up instantly closing. I try to open it manually but then I remember “oh wait i have no hands” and end up dying.
This is a serious problem and i believe this needs to be fixed.

if this is a glitch, make an issue on the git.

you could also just not have both of your hands occupied. Hands are pretty important.

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I dont use GIT

better get started then.


No, I don’t think I will.


then enjoy bug lol


No, I don’t think i will.

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This is an issue with the hugbox dual-fire locks that we have.

I wish we had the old chunky ones again, they were fun. You needed to have a crowbar, or you’d have to pop the fire alarm for your zone to reset it.


Is there anyway to fix it

Additionally, the AI could use the old ones… even zap them :^)

Report it on Github.

I don’t use github

Thats a you issue then.

Then you aren’t reporting a bug. Doing it via the forums or any other means is being too lazy to post it where it belongs and where it will actually get flagged for resolution.

You are essentially telling someone else to do it for you.

That’s the idea, I’m too lazy up go to github.


Where you post feature ideas, balancing issues, or report bugs."


Well, he is right, it does say that there.
The chance of any bug being fixed if its reported anywhere other then on github is rather low though