Filter Tracking Thread

A thread devoted to tracking what particular words don’t make it past the filter, for the reference of players, and what word evasions should be lead to a ban - for reference of staff.

Want to order a Crevice ■■■■e at the bar?
How about ■■■■ing that same drink with Chloral Hydrate?
How about when one wants warn someone about the ■■■■es in the punji pit they’ve set up?

What about the Admin Room in Central Command?
What about talking about how your Command Staff admins are fucking up the station?

As both a player and a staff member, I’d really appreciate if there were a comprehensive list of words that are not allowed linked ITT by upper administrative staff, as well as linked in the Rules page.

Just me bitching about slippery slope, and the over-sensitivity of the filter, as is my occasional habit - but, despite my bitching I still think that the filter has a purpose for our servers.

wait you cant say ■■■■e? is it like a slur for something? i never heard someone use ■■■■e for anything other than sharp pointy thing

s (a) p (e) i (f) k is a slur used by rednecks to refer to people who speak spanish, predominantly used against mexicans.
PLZ Admins excuse my arrogant bypassing of filter