Fighterslam Staff Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Moderator @fighterslam.

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.


evewett gawwison
20chars literally 1984

Pretty Excellent. Been helpful so far. 10/10 Nice.

Gawwison replaced my ears with cat ears one time. 10/10 will curbstomp him when I get the chance. (Overall, nice mod)

Never took my ahelps 10/10

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Someone please remind me about the Garrison Family lore.

a great player, and a good admeme.

seems to actually give a shit about enforcing rp, cant say the same for other admins. Excellent so far

I see your name a lot as the banning admin on at least 40% of all recent bans, doing your job well.

(Iirc you didn’t ban anyone prematurely so thats good to mention)

disgusting cat, ahhh ahh, automatic -1