Fighterslam player report

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report 
   CKEY: Fighterslam

   Your Discord: twouzers uwu#8786

   Offender’s CKEY: Figherslam

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Everett Garrison

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04/05/2020

   Round Number: 14298

   Rules Broken: Rule 1,3, and 7

   Incident Description: I was warden going to robotics to get my legs repaired with a lobotomy because of brain damage which caused me to be unable to walk. Everett said he could do it, so I let him. He blinded me with surgery and then dragged me too the robotics window and slammed me on the desk to kick me out. Afterwards, I tried to arrest Everett while still blinded, using flashbangs and non lethal means. Of course as a blind retard I was easily defeated, and then Everett proceeds to be me to crit with curbstomp

   Additional Information:

you pulled out a shotgun and shot at us
you tried to arrest me when i did literally everything i could after you shittalked me and called me an incompetent surgeon before i even did the operation
you KNEW the risks of a lobotomy

you also:

had illegal aa
pissed off the HoS
apparently tried to arrest me despite me not having committed a crime

To be honest, none of these are relevant, as it sounds as you were robo, it’s not your business.

The risks of lobotomy are a (hopefully) less severe trauma.

Lobotomy removes current traumas, however tends to cause a different, possibly worse, permanent trauma. Possibly blindness

Makes no sense?

he had permanent cerebral paralysis but not the paraplegic perk
so i figured

ah, it’s a trauma. lobotomy should remove it

So basically

  • Brain is fucked up
  • Get Lobotomy done
  • Lobotomy blinds you
  • Surgeon non lethally gets you out
  • You try to arrest the surgeon with a shotgun and flashbangs
  • Surgeon beats you to crit
    Yeah ok bud you did the wrong not him
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that is the risk of lobotomy. you’re the one who fucked up

How did it go down?

Warden: Hey Robo, I got a problem that only you can solve.

Everett: (Pulls greasy hands out of a mech, wiping them on apron) What’s the matter chief?

Warden: I got paralysis, what can you do to fix me up?

Everett: Well, I failed outta med school, but I could try my hand at a lobotomy. It can’t be that hard now, can it? How many credits you got? We don’t run a charity this side of the station you know.

–5 minutes later –

Illegal wiretap of a phone call between Everett and Research Director:

Everett: Hey Boss, we gotta problem.

RD: What happened?

Everett: You know the warden?

RD: Edwards? He’s a good man, why?

Everett: Well, he came into robo, wanted to get some augs done for enhanced performance, south of the border if you know what I mean. Something happened, I think he’s blind now.

RD: You fucked up Everett.

Everett: I know I did. But what are we gonna do with him?

RD: There ain’t nothing we can do. Sedate him, strip him, and throw him in maint. Wear gloves. Hopefully we can pin this on an assistant. Just another mugging gone wrong.

Everett: You got it chief.


Surprisingly fun to read stuff like this on the forums for once. Props

Also, as Warden going to robo to have shit fixed? You (hopefully) have brig phys, if not you could’ve asked CMO, or just regular doctor but ask one secoff to be with you, but you went to robo, why?

This seems like IC escalation to me.

Requested lobotomy didn’t go how you expected, you blamed the unqualified (IC anyway) surgeon and try to retaliate. You are now a blind cripple so you probably can’t aim your shotgun for shit and lose.

Asking a player for help, then reporting them because they responded to your aggression over something entirely out of their hands is a pretty shitty thing to do.

Lots of people here seem to have missed the part where the OP states Everett started the aggression (by violently throwing him out of Robotics). I think logs will be required to determine who started what with who.

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Probably best that way, but throwing unruly people out of your department is the first step of escalation (asking or forcing them to leave non-lethally) If they come back with a weapon, you can immediately escalate beyond non-lethal methods.

The fact this involved security shakes this up a bit, but he wasn’t acting properly as security either; blaming the person he asked to perform a risky operation for the fact it went wrong.

Everett is no stranger to aggression himself though - so again I agree with a log check (not able to do this currently, I’ve just been weighing my opinion in)

Just a little clarification, I said I would go to an actual surgeon in medbay.
But they reassured me were doing surgery all day and they could easily do it, they didn’t even apologize for fibbing it and just aggro slammed me against the robotics reception desk and threw me out while I was still blind and paralyzed from the groin down.

The only reason I went there was to get cyborg legs, but they said it was a brain trauma

You do understand him messing it up is an RNG chance and (probably) not him as a player actually doing something wrong, yes?

Your frustrations make sense IC, just not OOC for a report.

yes, but it doesn’t warrant the aggressive behavior that came afterwards. They had a wheelchair available and coulda gave it to me and let me out.

If he did that in the first place, I woulda compromised a little and go to the actual medbay to get it actually fixed, while seething just a little

If they were the aggressor then yes, you’re definitely right.

Will have access to logs in a few hours