Fighterslam permabanned by Zeskorion

CKEY: fighterslam

Admin’s CKEY: Zeskorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server Ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/17/2019

Round ID: 9171

Ban Reason: batoned cmo to get budget card to purchase a shuttle.

Appeal Reason: This ban is horseshit. More information below.

Additional Information:
TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) at the bottom

Basically, I was going around trying to collect money for cargo so we could buy the CentCom ravencruiser escape shuttle. The round was going to end soon, it was around 50 minutes long. The shuttle still hadn’t been called. I’m helping the CMO out and we try to rescue the HOS but we find out he suicided. I’m nice to the CMO and I ask them for their budget but they’re salty as fuck I aggro grabbed them earlier in the hall and let them go. He refuses to even heal me when I was at 60% HP, I explain my reasoning and ask him nicely several times, and he doesn’t even answer me except over the radio to call me an asshole. So, I go to medbay, I stunbaton the CMO, I take the budget card which he dropped, and leave. I saw the CMO in the halls maybe 2 minutes later, and it was obvious he was fine. So I try to meet up with QM so I can actually put the money into the budget to buy the shuttle when my game crashes. Turns out, I’m permabanned.

My most recent ban was one month ago, when I was permabanned for delaying the round end as an antag. I haven’t recieved any notes or bans since then. I’ve applied for mentor and tried to be a better person. I have followed the rules. I was bwoinked ONE TIME today, and that was zesko asking me if I killed a guy, which I didn’t. I have been following the rules, and I don’t understand how my behavior is worthy of a permanent ban.

In addition to this, zeskorion was literally abusing his admin today. I don’t know why. I guess he’s had a shit day. But he was teleporting players throughout all these Z levels and it was crazy. This took place the round just before I was banned, if I’m not mistaken.


Holy fucking shit. A permaban for taking a budget card.

if you read the ban you’d see it was a month ban.

the teleportation, by the way, was a roundstart event vote, if you were paying attention

not even to mention the CMO was VALID and was an ANTAGONIST who I literally watched loot and rummage the HoS office

fixed the timing issue, but you mentioned none of that proof in the ticket, and I honestly dont believe your word here. Being an antag like traitor doesnt autovalid you- you gotta do evidently traitorous shit. We dont do Schroedinger’s Valid here.

you never asked me anything. you just said i self antagged and said I was going to buy nullcrates, which I had no intention of doing whatsoever

also, validity shouldnt even matter in this situation - i took a budget card from a guy who was being a complete asshole to me for no real reason… refusing to heal me, calling me an asshole, refusing to speak to me outside of insulting me, and generally being uncooperative despite me literally helping him - of course i didn’t find out he was antag until after the round end, though.

Edit: and i had intention to return the budget card, and I still left 20k credits in the budget card - he had obviously not used it.

Look, I fucking love bee. This game has brought me immense joy, I love the community, I’ve improved as a person, I’m trying to give back to the community by being a mentor, i’ve shown my friends this game, and alot of people like having me here. Permanently banning me for stunbatoning a valid - not even critting or really injuring them, in addition to not taking anything at all aside from the budget card - WHICH I INTENDED TO RETURN AND NOT DRAIN - is completely fucking ridiculous. Zesko, you’re a great guy, but today has just not been your day. I think you’re a cool person and I’d love to learn from you, and I enjoy having you around, but I’m confused and absolutely infuriated by this. It’s 1:34 AM and I need some sleep. I’m going to bed now.

everett is pretty cool

Website says month ban, notes say permanent, not sure what’s going on here. I’ll reply assuming it’s a month ban:

I agree this is deserving of a server ban due to your history of repeated self-antag/overescalation. Even in this appeal you don’t seem to show you understand why it’s bad, and instead choose to make excuses of “but I was going to give it back anyway”.

For someone who has applied to be a mentor in the interim since their last ban I was hoping for a change in mentality, if not always their actions in the game then at least in their appeal. You should already know that someone is not valid to rob for a high-value item + tons of credits just because they were “being a complete asshole to you for no reason”.

I expect that if you had made a reasonable appeal showing awareness of your wrongdoing then the ban would have been significantly reduced. But you haven’t, and it’s a bit late for backtracking now after this many posts. Take this time off to reflect, because you keep getting in these situations where you’re stubborn that you’re right and grief other players/the round because of it.

I would just like to make a note about something. As much as I HATE fighterslam as a player, it doesnt seem like he did anything wrong.
At the very worst, he stole a high value item from a player, which is a major crime because its not essential to station function, and major crimes are IC.

EVEN if he harm batoned the CMO, thats again IC because the cmo was not crit, and if he witnessed the CMO loot the hos office thats not even something you can bwoink him for.

On top of this, Zesk exhibited the same exact behavior with me for my sec ban. He ticketed me, said “I don’t care about the context I see notes I ban” (he literally said i dont care I’m not arguing with you I’m banning you) then wrote an incorrect ban reason, banned the WRONG PLAYER, then closed ticket.

I think it is pertinent here that proper logs be pulled out, and Zeskorins behavior be addressed because fighter has been behaving. He did NOT do something ban worthy, even on thin ice. He at most committed a major crime and dealt 20 damage to the cmo

I agree, permaban for what essentially is a IC issue of a player robbing a non-essential item from someone else and getting banned without a talking too seems excessive.

I gotta say, all these people are right, I know I sure as hell wouldnt ahelp some asshat taking my budget card, I would likely call security, also zeskorion opened with “did you kill some guy” apparently? Maybe zesk did what one of you said earlier and banned the wrong person

didn’t ban the wrong person. See, i’d normally only slap a note for this shit, but fighterslam here already has a fuckload of high severity notes and recently got let off of a permaban

well you asked if he KILLED someone when he only stun battoned someone

I actually said “attacked”

and yes, the stun baton WAS on harm intent

Shitposting back and forth is useless. Zesk is going to think hes right. And we are going to think hes wrong, arguing doesnt change that.

As I said, logs would clear up the situation. Was CMO witness looting locker - This makes him valid for any action Everett takes against him

How many times did Everett harm baton CMO - This can warrant further intervention, being the ticket in question. However barring being crit, its very hard to justify a ban

How many times has Fighter been in trouble since his ban was lifted 19 days ago, and how related is this instance to the ban reason?

All of this stuff is recorded and can be pulled.

yeah us actually getting records would make this way easier to see who is in the wrong

my actions:

asked cmo nicely probably at least 7 times to have the budget card or 30k credits to buy an escape shuttle

cmo ignored me

i help CMO out of brig because he claimed the Hos needed help but it turns out he suicided in his office, where the CMO rummaged through his shit. I was there
i nagged a sec belt for later because sec belts are handy

so i’m asking cmo nicely and when i let him out of brig we’re in dorms and we go our separate ways

i try asking again, and cmo calls me an asshole over radio. at this point i’ve had enough of this shit because he refused to even heal me when i had 30 burn damage, or something like that.

so i go to medbay, open CMO’s office, stunbaton the CMO two times, to incapacitate. for whatever reason, he was holding the budget card. so i take that up and walk out of there. i try to meet up with QM so I can actually put the money in the budget to buy the escape shuttle when my game crashes and i’m permanently banned

oh boy dis’ a messy thread.

  • Something something @zeskorion share some logs
  • Something something it also depends on if CMO was actually waltzing around with the budget card on his hands or not. If you actually stunned and rumagged thru him to get it, that’s self antag and punisheable. If you just stunned him as he was holding it on his hands, then that’s IC theft.
    Though you also know better, Everett. A lot better.