Fighterslam mentor application

Your CKEY: fighterslam

Your Discord: fighterslam#3109

How long have you been playing ss13?: almost half a year

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: bastian0930, moccha, probably alot of the server regulars

Game Experience (More Detailed): i’m pretty good at kicking ass and i know alot about virology and science and i’m now focused on lavaland. i also played curator for a while and did a lot of space exploration so… i also have a little bit of experience in all areas, and even though i never play doctor i’m pretty good with medicines

+1 yes he is experienced and a regular player can definetly help.

your not robust
also you don’t even botany


I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole

EDIT: Changed my vote. See below.

Regularly proves to be a distasteful player
Regularly uses mentorhelp for basic information
Regularly fights admin decisions and gives misinformation or ick ocks
Not the type of player I want advising other players


You know your shit, but the way you play is horrendous and I don’t want to legitimize it.

+/- 0

as much as I like you, you:

  • Ahelp when you get caught trespassing into Cap’s Office/Armory/Any place of high fucking security
  • Ahelp saying that one traitor killing you means it’s Murderbone and they should be banned
  • Pretty much ahelp 80% of the situation like a low-effort Grog.

If someone Mhelps something that you believe it’s okay and turns out it isn’t, shit is going to get wack.

That being said, you still got some experience in the game and could prove helpful.

-/+ 0

Exactly what Rue said.

Yeeah. I personally haven’t seen you do this kind of thing, but that might just be because our timezones are different. I’m changing my vote to a -1.

ahelp why is shitcurity confiscating my toolbelt and insuls because i was breaking into toxins for shower


Will close this tonight. Will let people vote a bit more.

ok due to the overwhelming negative feedback i have decided to not be a mentor

Woah not so fast fucko, 2+. I missed this I think, but if we have fucking dimas as a mentor, then fighter can do better. Also the fact he actually understands science. Edit: Might I also add that you should ahelp for rule related questions? You ahelp for rule related questions, and mhelp for game related questions.

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So far a +0.5 then.

Still if Fighter confirms, I can close it.

Bass’s point is true, I am no longer a 0, I now have a +2

i dont have permission to edit, or delete, my own posts, so ill keep this up i guess

Vote changed to a -2.

breaks into the captains office
gets caught and tased by HoS


Everett makes me fucking laugh every time i validly arrest him

That is in fact not a good reason to upvote. Consider the scarcity of admins currently, with how many tickets we see daily. Now imagine half the people who use mentorhelp to second guess themselves are being told bad behavior is okay by a mentor.

Bee doesn’t need mentors “for the meme” right now. The same holds true for admins. A good set of people encouraging good behavior is what’s required right now