Fighterslam banned by Zeskorion

CKEY: fighterslam

Admin’s CKEY: zeskorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permaban

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02-02-2020

Round ID: 12097

Ban Reason: Rushing augs and implants roundstart as assistant multiple rounds in a row to go powergame in space. Massive powergame, doesn’t seem to know what powergame is. A long history of bans and shittery. Appeal when you are mature enough to know how not to powergame. Otherwise, stay on LRP

Appeal Reason: everyone thinks this ban is horseshit - I’m cut off from over half of our current playerbase simply for getting augs, and zesko refuses to look past my notes, thinking it’s an excuse to be an asshole to me in admin PMs and admin-abuse me.

Additional Information: How am I supposed to run for council if I’m literally cut off from what currently makes up 60-70% of our playerbase?

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Free my negro Everett


Isn’t space exploring sort of it’s own game?
Your away from station and by yourself, if I went I’d want to be well equipped


Imagine being banned for using points that regenerate over the course of a round

Low-key zesk is a dick to alot of people


Big if true

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An admin report was already made in place of a ban appeal. You’ve already proven yourself unable to play on lrp, and the way you twist what happened doesn’t quite help your Case either. You’re either willfully ignorant, insincere, or unable to understand the full picture, judging by how you frame the issue. Any of which shows your behaviour really hasnt changed and this ban is for good reason and shouldnt be lifted.

Previous bans you recieved were lifted on your assurance you’d not repeat the same mistakes as well as copious amounts of whining. You obviously took them very literally- not repeating the same exact mistakes while missing the point of the rules that got you banned in the first place. Admins arent here to babysit- you dont get what powergaming is, and we dont have the time or energy to make your note and ban list an exhaustive guide on what is and isnt powergaming

Can confirm, I heard about it when it first happened and heard both parts of the story. For a quick refresher, he went assistant and rushed augments from roundstart with the intention of going to space. He stuck around due to talk of Cult activity, where I believe the first bwoink happened. Later on, he went out to space to explore, and Zesko found him at the Space Hotel, where he eventually set him on fire, and locked him in a room of reinforced walls.

Somewhere between the first bwoink and him going to space, I believe, he had gotten clown pods thrown at him by Zesko, and/or turned into a clown.

Claimed the ban reason was for powergaming, however, after going through the rules, it doesn’t seem that he had powergamed at all. In the rules (MRP), Things that are referred to as powergaming include things like acquiring weapons for no apparent reason, over escalating conflicts and rushing into danger as a non-security officer, etc.

He had a perfectly good reason to acquire augments and intended on leaving the station as an Assistant. Him trying to “Rush augs roundstart” is strange. What, should he have waited a few minutes before getting augs? That wouldn’t have changed anything. Him also going to “Powergame in space” is an odd choice of words as to my knowledge, there aren’t that many good things in space. By that logic, wouldn’t miners rushing Megafauna be powergaming? There is much better gear there then anything in space.

Overall, at the very least, the perma-ban was unwarranted for such a minor thing. If he was a Doctor or Head, then sure, but he wasn’t. In my opinion, at least, he deserves to be Unbanned as nothing he did seemed to break the rules, he’s running for council now, so he should be in contact with the other server, and that the length of the ban is simply unnecessary.
Bless spess, Everett. Hope you get unbanned so you can go “”“Powergame in space”""

Edit: I’m not involved with this ban, so there may be information I got wrong or left out on accident. This is what I know, so that’s what I’ll say.


Council vote is over. The listed powergaming rule is both outdated and not an exhaustive list of examples- common sense should be used.

You don’t ever need augs as an assistant unless the station is solid fucked. You can go to space, sure, that’s a kinda powergaming we dont frown on, but you dont need augs for it. Just ask HOP for a spacesuit. Or make ghetto EVA shit, that aint too hard.

The ban is permanent because everett doesnt understand the rule and has several bans for it already, all of which have been lifted for aforementioned reasons, yet he has proven he’s not changed or learned- he’s more just acting good to avoid punishment.

Imagine being banned for not breaking the PowerGame rules and using rechargable points this seems like more of a personal grudge if anything.

Zesk, this by far has to be the dumbest ban you have made. You know as well as the rest of the admins to ban people instead of messing with them. About the ban, this is far too heavy handed for AUGMENTS. I don’t even think this right here is bannable for most people. A unban is what SHOULD happen. The last few bans have been from zesk, and I’m starting to feel this is a metagrudge. I’m horrible at detecting metagrudging, which is why I usually hold back when deciding a ban for those, but at this point it seems you are. A unban is needed, and I suggest a headmin come and unban him. In addition, possibly investigate a metagrudge.


Agreed. Zesk obviously treated players he dislikes much more poorly, and refuses to handle issues they raise in lieu of letting timers expire. See; my 2 month sec and heads ban that everyone said hey that’s kinda shitty and sus but we cant touch it cause its zeskos.


Zeskorion is a really bad admin,he watches people while they are breaking the rules and doesnt even warn them and then all of a sudden he messages them with 1 or 2 bwoinks and instantly bans them.He also uses notes as excuses for bans even if the ban reason stated makes no sense.

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zesko deadass one of the best admins i ever known
he’s been a great guy to me
this ban just makes no sense
i don’t even think zesko has a metagrudge on me
i think zesko should keep his position but in my opinion he’s done alot for bee and should remain an admin to some capacity for all he’s done

edit: yes, zesko was an asshole to me in ahelps. however, before this ban, zesko was great to me and other members of the community

also guys please stop flaming zesko i just want to be unbanned and zesko to realize he did a fuckup, not for zesko to be viewed as a public enemy

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While I agree certain things should fall under common sense, I do not believe it would work in this case. Augments, while yes, certainly not needed, were something that would benefit him in space, that would also not affect anyone else. Certainly, I have explored space and I would agree that Augments would be something I’d want to acquire. When it comes to common sense based on the powergaming rule, as I do not know the other PMs to see what they said about it, it doesn’t seem like common sense. For example:
“Should I break into EVA to get an EVA suit?” Sounds like powergaming.
“Should I steal a gun to defend myself in space?” Sounds a bit like powergaming.
“Should I ask the roboticist to augment me?” Sounds less like it.
Personally, I wouldn’t think asking the roboticist would count as powergaming.

The above examples sound like powergaming as they actively effect someone. Stealing a gun can leave security less armed. Breaking into EVA can result in the suits being stolen before they are needed, etc. Stealing tools and hording weapons can effect those who would need it later. Augments can be built and replaced with little overall effect on any job besides the roboticist who has to do the surgery.

Also, If the rule on powergaming is outdated, and the admins know it, then why hasn’t it been updated? Wouldn’t it be better to fix something that is broken rather than letting it confuse people?

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No need to step in for me, everett. I can take a great deal of verbal abuse.

And bastian, you should know well how notes in large amounts accumulate when it comes to bans. It’s not about the initiating action, it’s about the repetition of the same shit over and over in different ways.

I agree, personal attacks are useless and don’t help at all. I have heard about how Zesko acts outside of these cases and can agree he does sound like an alright guy outside of bans.

zesko has explained his behavior in the adminhelp as his persona for MRP due to the influx of players, which… i guess kinda makes sense and it’s a reasonable explanation so, that’s 1 of 3 things solved

I just think he shoud aproach ahelps difrently because in almost all of them he is a asshat.

I think the crux of why this ban is bad is because powergaming often needs to be determined in cases like this by intent;

Sure, if he was running around with full augs being a shitter, stun+cuffing people and using his augs to self antag the ban would be just, but he didnt do anything that would negatively impact someone elses round, therefore the ban seems a bit pointless.