Fighterslam banned by LordGrievous

CKEY: fighterslam

Admin’s CKEY: LordGrievous

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/20/2019

Round ID: 10470

Ban Reason: [EDIT: ON LRP] Tided into captains office during war ops, making himself valid. Killed real, roundstart captain when the captain attacked him, and then killed the warden when the captain told security he had been killed and the warden attempted to arrest him. I am honestly sick to death of you fucking with the captains office every single round. Appeal this on forums to get some other admins opinions, because despite you saying you’re trying to behave better I see no evidence of it.

Appeal Reason: I understand how my actions would’ve made me IC valid, and the admin made this clear, but I made a conscious effort to have BOTH of the people who attacked me healed up andd I brought them both to medbay after they attacked me. This was war ops.

Additional Information: So. I’ll start from the beginning.

Normal round.
War ops alert. No HoP and caps not at hopline. People tide into caps office, like 5 or 6 people.
I make it the furthest and captain pulls out his sword on me and almost crits me. I manage to shove him and crit him. The rest of the tiders get in and everyone gets aa. Captain is cloned.

So, while I’ve secured disk, delivered budget cards, and making sure science is researching guns and making mechs to fight the ops, I return to the caps office.
Warden and the cloned captain are there. They open fire on me. I’m critted and only survive due to having caps carapace.
Theo legend and some other people help rescue me from the situation and heal me up. The warden and captain are then critted, and taken to medbay by me. The nuke ops are killed, the round ends.

I see how my actions would’ve made me IC valid.
I do not see how my actions warrant a permanent ban.
I haven’t broken into captain’s office every round, either. I stopped doing that a while ago because it kept getting me in trouble.

Still doesn’t make sense why everything leads to everyone dying.

Like jesus fuck.


the only people who died was the captain, who got cloned, and the nukies.

I watched this happen. I walked into caps office, everyone was seemingly chilling. Cooper suddenly opens fire on Everett, and when he gets disabled the warden then unloads the rest of his ammo into Everett, sending him into deep crit.

I personally brought Everett to a medibot, epipenned him, etc. Then went with him to baton stun the warden, and Everett crit the warden, then crit Cooper. Neither were killed on the spot, AFAIK, and if cooper died before being healed he not only brought it upon himself by attacking first, but probably also succumbed, because it seems like the warden survived to be healed.

EDIT: This WHILE EVERETT IS THE ONE CARRYING AND PROTECTING THE DISK ON WAR OPS. Cooper is then acting against the station, trying to kill the disk holder, so realistically by space law guideline he was fully killable ANYWAYS

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i brought them both to medbay. neither died, actually. they got crypocellled
by the paramedics after i sleepered them

Everett, while being a shitter, isn’t the type to kill for no reason, and typically has good intentions. Imo he’s been improving, overall as a person, but still a greytider. If you’re valid, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to sit there and get murdered by captain without defending yourself. If I was in Everett’s boots, I’d either crit, like everett did, or just shove spam until I could table him.

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thanks grim
how do i not be shitter
er, rather, what am i currently doing that makes me shitter

I hope everett stops being a shitter after that

bro what makes me shitter
i need specifics
i cant fix something i dont know about aa fgkch

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Honestly, you didnt do anything wrong here, and you could have veritably beheaded either of them justly. You were disk holder, ops were on station, and you were nearly killed.


multiple times, thanks to their shittery. especially injuring the disk holder. puts me in the perfect situation to be killed by nuke ops if I’m limping and my arm is broken

You’re not actually being a shitter, I’ve just come to associate that word with you, not actually had any negative encounters in awhile.


I mean, how much minutes into the round after war ops was declared the people decided to break into cap office? Perhaps he was just setting his stuff, probabaly a newbie-ish captain grabbing his stuff and suddenly he sees everybody coming at him like crazy monkeys, from his PoV he was defending his office

new players shouldn’t be playing captain. isn’t that why there’s a time lock on jobs?

also, cap could’ve done literally anything else instead of instantly switching to lethals and trying to kill people on a confirmed war ops round

isn’t killing people, and attacking people, when they didn’t attack you, and it’s literally impossible for them to be an antag, self antag?

This was well past the 20 minute mark. 3 nukies were killed by this point, this was like 6 minutes before shuttle landed.

Wait so y’all didn’t do this 10 minutes after the initial call? Y’all just, assumed cap was operational?

So crew managed to succeed at repeling nukies without aa, 3 nukies dead and shuttle was already coming? So cap just sit in his office with the disk? I mean how many times did he spoke in chat? how many screams of GIV AA CAPTAIN AAAAAAA were at the start? I believe a log search’s gonna be necessary to see what was the captain up to until that point, the everett and tider gang attack moment and the post-cloning of cap when he ordered for Everett arrest/execution

fun fact validhunting makes you valid, so warden and cap were valid because they tried to validhunt everett
admeme dumb lol read da rules

no. you’re confused. I had the disk the whole time, since me and the crowd that law-2’d the AI into letting us into the office got attacked, by the captain, with lethals. The captain didn’t say get out, didn’t try anything. Just went straight to lethals and tried to kill me. AA got handed out and I had the disk, captain got fixed up and then I got attacked later on.